7 best summer iced coffees to try in Birmingham

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Calling all iced coffee lovers! With summertime here, it’s the season for cold brews and chilled lattes. So why should your morning (or afternoon) coffee be any different? We compiled a list of the seven best summer iced coffee spots in Birmingham. Read on for more information.

1. Red Bike Coffee Co.

Red Bike Coffee Co. recently reopened its Crestwood storefront. The local coffee shop can make all menu items iced, but I recommend the Toddy Cold Brew. John Robles, a roaster for Red Bike, explained this drink is created from the company’s espresso blend. According to him, Red Bike removes the bitterness from their coffee, while retaining its flavor through their individualized roasting process.

“I’m making your cold brew five gallons at a time.”
—John Robles, roaster for Red Bike Coffee Co.

2. Frothy Monkey

Frothy Monkey features many trendy coffees, which are all distinct and perfect for summer. I opted for The Hummingbird. With flavors of pecan, banana and cinnamon and topped with a Trader Joe’s-like dried pineapple, the drink tastes like a tropical cocktail and iced coffee mix.

3. O’Henry’s Coffee

O’Henry’s may be home to my favorite flavored cold brew in all of Birmingham. While known for its many roasts, which are traditionally served hot, the Sweetened Cold Brew is simply exquisite. Order it with vanilla or blueberry syrup for an extra kick of awesome!

4. Red Mountain Expresso

Craving a sweet iced coffee? Order The Broadway at Red Mountain Expresso. Flavored with a swirl of white chocolate and caramel syrup, you won’t be disappointed. This drive-thru coffee shop is quick and easy—ideal for a rainy day pick-me-up.

5. Caveat Coffee

Caveat combines untraditional flavor pairings for a fresh and delish result. For example, I ordered an iced coffee with notes of lavender and brown sugar, and score it a perfect 10.

6. Revelator Coffee

Looking for a funky summer coffee? Look not farther than Revelator. With seasonal creations like the Orange Creamsicle Latte and Cold Brew Colada, your taste buds are in for a treat.

7. Red Cat Coffee House

This cute neighborhood coffee shop serves a variety of iced coffees ideal for a warm summer day. If you enjoy classic flavors, I get the “Nola” Iced Chicory Coffee. Other options include an assortment of lattes, cold brews and more.

Looking for more coffee spots? Huntsville has an impressive coffee shop scene that you’ll want to cross off your bucketlist.

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Grace Brindley
Grace Brindley
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