Tamburro’s is returning to Trussville after 13 years

Tamburro's Italian Home coming soon
Trussville Shopping Center prepares for the newest edition of Tamburro’s. (Jacob Blankenship / Bham Now)

Good news for all you Trussville residents—after closing its doors in 2010, Tamburro’s Italian restaurant is planning a big return. This family-owned restaurant was a Trussville staple for every occasion. Read on for details.

Why Tamburro’s is so special

The Trussville Tribune announced the news about the classic Italian spot on Monday, June 5.

In 1994, many newcomers wouldn’t have thought that a small, simple building was home to something so special. It was when people stepped inside to see founder Dick Tamburro walking through the restaurant serenading guests with his accordion that they realized the local dining experience of Tamburro’s was unlike any other.

Tamburro decided to retire back in 2010, but now, 13 years later, his daughter Kyleen Kramer and daughter-in-law Tina Tamburro are bringing back the family business. Are you as happy by this news as we are?

The Tamburros are bringing this Trussville classic back with a new spin, officially reuniting as Tamburro’s Italian Home. The family told the Tribune the inside scoop on this name change:

“This all started when [Kyleen] was a little girl. We used to go to a place called ‘The Italian Home’ in Pennsylvania, which my mom and dad used to work at.”

Dick Tamburro, Owner, Tamburro’s Italian

Kramer expressed how she wanted to tie everything back to her family.

“So that’s how we came up with the name. We have Tamburro’s, and then we just tied my grandparents in with the ‘Italian Home.’ We just wanted to have everybody in because our family is what it’s all about.”

Kyleen Kramer, Owner, Tamburro’s Italian Home

Expect Tamburro’s Italian Home this fall

If all goes according to plan, Tamburro’s Italian Home will be opening in mid-August 2023.

Adding to the restaurant’s family focus, Kramer’s brother is going to be the main cook, bringing back those original Tamburro-family recipes that we all love.

Kramer and Tamburro said they will have all the traditional Italian foods, including pastas, chicken parmesan, lasagna and manicotti. Is anyone else’s mouth watering?

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