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So So Spiffy pieces range from traditional to modern. (Bham Now)

Ready to jazz up your living space? Whether you’re between houses, trying to make a rented space feel like home or have another furniture and home decor need, Spiffy Staging & Design will get the job done. Offering high-quality staging for any interior design style at a reasonable price, read on to check out what’s available now.

The story behind the sofa

headshot Shop unique, high-end staging decor for every budget and aesthetic
Owner Barbara Cooney. (Spiffy)

If you’ve ever wondered how someone gets into the home decor biz, Barbara Cooney, owner of So So Spiffy has a fun story. After staging a home for sale that went above and beyond asking price, she began receiving inquiries for more home staging gigs. Her success quickly grew from one house to four to eight and more. Seeing there was a high demand for staging homes in Birmingham, she ran with the idea and started her very own staging business—So So Spiffy.

Why is staging homes so popular? Barbara says it’s because it provides instant gratification to those seeking to buy a new home. Seeing a home beautifully staged helps potential buyers visualize living there and are more likely to make a purchase.

According to Barbara, 94% of homes staged by So So Spiffy sell within their first week on the market. Looking to sell your home? Get a quote today to ensure your home sells for maximum price.

Pieces you’ll love

pic Shop unique, high-end staging decor for every budget and aesthetic
A cool staged space set up a So So Spiffy Shindig. (Bham Now)

Spiffy has an aesthetic of having a showroom that is full of old and the new pieces, setting them apart from other staging businesses. Barbara and her team search extensively to collect pieces from wholesalers and online auctions to find the best quality pieces for their customers.

Barbara explained why they work hard to have a wide variety of pieces. “We are always striving to make our offering unique and interesting. We want our clients to have selections for a curated home with a mix of vintage, new and antiques.”

Shopping Shindig | June 9 & 10

SpiffyShoppingShindig 20230517 135928 Shop unique, high-end staging decor for every budget and aesthetic
Come shop the So So Spiffy Shopping Shindig. (Bham Now)

If you’ve never shopped a So So Spiffy Shopping Shindig, now’s the time!… These monthly warehouse sales give shoppers access to Spiffy’s curated collections of rugs, sofas, chairs, dining tables, accessories, art and more up to 60% OFF!

Barbara goes all out to make the Shopping Shindig a happy place for everyone. She explained that the word furniture store can emote a feeling of gloom and wants to ensure the shopping experience at Spiffy is lively, fun and inviting. THE BEST PART: Enjoy a complimentary margarita while shopping!

Make sure to stop by the June Shopping Shindig to get your hands on the marvelous furniture selection and see what all the fun is about!

Expanding into Austin, TX

So So Spiffy is always looking for ways to grow their product line and have recently expanded into Austin, Texas as a full-service staging company. So So Spiffy in Austin focuses on staging homes for sale and offers full-service interior design for long-term rentals.

Barbra explained why Texas was the great choice for Spiffy. “It’s no secret that Austin is a boom town, and our aesthetic is a natural fit in the music city.”

Want to connect with So So Spiffy? Check out their two instagram accounts: @sosospiffydesign and @sosospiffyaustin.

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