Ever wanted to drive a Slingshot? Now’s your chance

slinshot edited Ever wanted to drive a Slingshot? Now's your chance
Red 2022 Polaris Slingshot, one of the rentals available at Zip Trip. (ZipTrip Slingshot Rentals Birmingham on Facebook)

Ever wanted to cruise around in a Slingshot? Zip Trip, a Birmingham-based rental company, rents out the vehicles for those who want to explore the city in style.

The company, owned by Jermaine Johnson and partners Tommy Phedford and Anthony Blackmon, is officially open for business after an initial test run in Spring 2022.

What is a slingshot?

The Polaris Slingshot is a three-wheeled vehicle with an open cockpit and low center of gravity– perfect for the adventure seeker who wants to ride fast.

The automobiles retail for around $30,000, featuring premium wheels, rims and speakers with Bluetooth connection. Zip Trip’s batch includes four 2022 Polaris Slingshots in red and grey.

About Zip Trip

slingshot edited Ever wanted to drive a Slingshot? Now's your chance
Rent a Slingshot and cruise around town. (ZipTrip Slingshot Rentals Birmingham on Facebook)

Zip Trip is owned and operated by Birmingham native and fireman Jermaine Johnson, alongside business partners Tommy Phedford and Anthony Blackmon. According to Johnson, the business has attracted a slew of first-time customers eager to take a Slingshot for a spin.

“I live in Birmingham and I was raised in Birmingham, so we wanted to bring something like this to our city. A lot of people are interested because a lot of them have never seen [a Slingshot], and most of the time when people get in, they want to buy one. The best thing about it is you kind of get the excitement of a motorcycle but with less work. It’s a lot more laid back, it’s just a different experience.”

Jermaine Johnson, Zip Trip

Popular excursions for drivers include the Birmingham Zoo, Railroad Park, Vulcan Park, Uptown and CityWalk. Johnson says that drivers can drive the vehicles wherever they’d like to go, whether they’re cruising around downtown Birmingham or taking it all the way to Huntsville.

“People go to games, ride out to Oak Mountain, we’ve had people drive to Huntsville– whatever you choose. You get 250 miles per rental, so wherever you feel like going is up to you. It turns a normal ride into a whole different experience. Once you get in it, I think it’s well worth it. Our slogan is “Experience Birmingham”, so it’s all about getting to experience Birmingham from a different aspect that you never have before. The rental process is super easy– you pretty much do everything online or over the phone and by the time you get there it’ll only take a few minutes for you to get on the road.”

Jermaine Johnson, Zip Trip

How to rent

Interested in renting a slingshot for the day? For drivers over 25, the vehicles can be rented for as little as four hours or up to seven days. Zip Trip’s rates, according to their website, are as follows:

  • Four hour rental: $149
  • Six hour rental: $199
  • Twenty-four hour rental: $325
  • Two day rental: $550
  • Three day rental: $700
  • Four day rental: $1,000
  • Five day rental: $1,275
  • Six day rental: $1,550
  • Seven day rental: $1,800

To be eligible for rentals, the driver must have a valid license and proof of insurance. Vehicles take premium gas and must be returned with a full tank, unless you opt for their $30 unlimited gas option.

Get connected with Zip Trip: Website | Instagram | Facebook

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