9 hidden gems in Alabama’s Port City for every traveler’s bucket list—plan now


Mobile skyline
Sunset over downtown Mobile (Visit Mobile)

Mobile, Alabama is the true star of southern Alabama cities, attracting visitors with its diverse culinary scene and rich history. There’s no shortage of things to do—from local attractions, delicious food, historic sites, beautiful parks and much more. Keep reading to uncover some of the best kept secrets and must-stop spots in the Port City.

1. Hummingbird Way Oyster Bar

hidden gems in Alabama
Oysters from Hummingbird Way (Visit Mobile)

Experience culinary excellence at a Mobile favorite, Hummingbird Way Oyster Bar,  owned and operated by Jim Smith, a James Beard award nominee and Bravo’s Top Chef contestant. Indulge in Southern classics and sample a variety of oyster dishes inspired by different regions around the country.

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2. Mobile Botanical Gardens

Mobile Botanical Gardens
Mobile Botanical Gardens (Visit Mobile)

Connect with nature and explore the Mobile Botanical Gardens—a stunning destination offering visitors a chance to experience the natural beauty of the Gulf Coast. Be sure to check out the Native Azalea and Camellia Garden, along with the Long Leaf Pine Development exhibit.

3. Audubon Bird Sanctuary

mobile bird1 9 hidden gems in Alabama’s Port City for every traveler’s bucket list—plan now
Audubon Bird Sanctuary in Dauphin Island. (Visit Mobile)

Calling all bird lovers and nature enthusiasts! Take a trip to the Audubon Bird Sanctuary, which sits right outside the city on Dauphin Island. This is a must-visit destination for anyone who loves to see wildlife in a beautiful setting. The sanctuary features a wide variety of animals, nature trails and educational exhibits and programs. 

4. University of South Alabama’s Archaeology Museum

hidden gems in Alabama
University of South Alabama’s Archaeology Museum (Visit Mobile)

Unleash your inner Indiana Jones and explore the University of South Alabama’s Archaeology Museum. This exciting destination offers a glimpse into the cultural history of Gulf Coast Alabama with fascinating exhibits designed for history buffs and archaeology enthusiasts alike. 

5. The Phoenix Fire Museum

museum in mobile
Phoenix Fire Museum. (Visit Mobile)

Get fired up for a unique experience at The Phoenix Fire Museum. This unique attraction will ignite your curiosity with its cool collection of historic fire-fighting exhibits and displays.

6. Colonial Fort Conde

mobielfortconde 9 hidden gems in Alabama’s Port City for every traveler’s bucket list—plan now
Fort Conde in downtown Mobile. (Visit Mobile)

Go back in time with a day of exploring at Colonial Fort Conde. Located in the heart of downtown Mobile, this historic attraction gives guests the chance to explore some of Mobile’s early history with tours of the fort replicas and exhibits. Visitors can get up close with artifacts from that period as well as witness live reenactments from the past—creating the ultimate immersive and educational experience.  

7. Callaghan’s Irish Social Club

mobilecallahagns 9 hidden gems in Alabama’s Port City for every traveler’s bucket list—plan now
Don’t skip out on the burger from Callaghan’s Irish Social Club. (Visit Mobile)

A must-stop on your Mobile tour—and deeply loved among locals—is the iconic Callaghan’s Irish Social Club. Located in the Oakleigh Garden District, this popular neighborhood pub is known for its authentic Irish atmosphere, live music and great burgers. 

8. The Dew Drop Inn

mobiledewdrop 9 hidden gems in Alabama’s Port City for every traveler’s bucket list—plan now
You have to try the iconic hot dogs at The Dew Drop. (Visit Mobile)

You can’t visit Mobile without stopping at Mobile’s oldest restaurant, The Dew Drop Inn. This classic spot has been dishing up classic American comfort food since 1924. 

Tip: Try the famous loaded-up hot dog or one of the iconic burgers. You won’t be disappointed.

9.  Kites Over Mobile

Kites Over Mobile. (Visit Mobile)

Take to the skies with Kites Over Mobile for this beloved celebration that takes place every spring. This annual family-friendly event celebrates all things kite-flying featuring colorful displays, demos, live music and activities for all ages.

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