The Birmingham Bulls are in the playoffs, starting at home April 15—get your tickets now


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Almost game time. (Seth Allen / Birmingham Bulls)

Get ready to cheer on the Birmingham Bulls! The team has clinched a spot in the 2023 Southern Professional Hockey League (SPHL) playoffs, and we have the inside scoop. Keep reading to get your tickets and hear from the team, including Hayden Stewart, on his record breaking goal.

Getting ready for the playoffs

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Taylor Brierley. (Seth Allen / Birmingham Bulls)

The Bulls will finish their season at home on April 8 before the playoffs next week, April 15. Tickets are on sale now, so save your spot while you can. Keep up with the Bulls on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter for the latest updates on the schedule, matchups and more.

We talked to Taylor Brierley about the team’s momentum as they finish out the regular season.

“It’s important to finish our regular season strong and build momentum going into playoffs. In order to do that, we have been honing in on our systems and fine tuning some details so that come playoffs everything is just second nature.”

Taylor Brierley, Birmingham Bulls

The season at a glance

Birmingham Bulls 2023 6 The Birmingham Bulls are in the playoffs, starting at home April 15—get your tickets now
The best atmosphere. (Jacob Blankenship / Bham Now)

Every season has its ups and downs, and according to Brierley, the most important thing is to take those outcomes and learn from them. That’s exactly what the team has done this season.

“We’ve taken our losses and corrected mistakes that we’ve made on the ice. We’ve used our wins to help identify the things that make us successful.

We’ve also had a lot of movement in our lineup, with players being called up and new players coming in. Players have had to step up and fill roles in order to stay on a winning track, which has added depth to our lineup once guys started coming back.”

Taylor Brierley, Birmingham Bulls

The season has been jam-packed with incredible moments like winning in front of the largest crowd in Bulls history, Captain Mike Davis’ 250th game and more. For Brierley, his favorite moment of the season was the Roanoke game at home on March 3.

“We found ourselves in a 2-0 deficit early in the first period, but mounted a comeback and found a way to win in OT. I think this shows our heart and willingness to compete as a team. There might be a time down the road when we find ourselves behind a couple goals and we will be able to look back at that experience and realize that we have done this before.”

Taylor Brierley, Birmingham Bulls

Hayden Stewart on being the first goalie to score a goal in SPHL history

On Saturday March 18, Bulls’ goalie Hayden Stewart found the empty net to become the first goalie in SPHL history to score a goal. This was obviously a cool moment for Stewart, but the whole team was equally excited.

“Coach had pushed me to shoot for an empty net all season should I get the opportunity, so I just went for it and it happened to roll in.

I think what was most special about the moment was how excited we were as a team. That was at the end of a hard fought weekend, and it was a great way to finish the weekend.”

Hayden Stewart, Birmingham Bulls

This exciting play came at a fantastic time, building even more momentum for the team as they head into the playoffs.

“We’re obviously at a time right now where we want to continue to get better and gain momentum going into playoffs, so while we’ve been taking steps in the right direction, we need to continue to focus on improving our team game.”

Hayden Stewart, Birmingham Bulls

Don’t miss the Bulls as they take on the SPHL Playoff starting next week. Get your tickets now.

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