World-famous Savannah Bananas coming to Rickwood + Region Fields in June 2023 — TICKETS

Rickwood Field
Birmingham’s Rickwood Field from the journalist’s lookout. (Nathan Watson / Bham Now)

The Savannah Bananas are bringing their 2023 World Tour to The Magic City! In June, the famous exhibition baseball team will play at both Regions Field AND historic Rickwood Field. Learn more about the Savannah Bananas + how to get on the waitlist for tickets to their Birmingham games!

About the Savannah Bananas

Savannah Bananas
(Savannah Bananas)

Called “The Greatest Show in Baseball” by ESPN, the Savannah Bananas are a world-famous exhibition baseball team based out of Savannah, Georgia. Instead of regular baseball, the team plays a slightly amended version of the game, called “Banana Ball.” Some of the rules of Banana Ball include:

  • A two-hour time limit for each game—whichever team is winning at the two-hour mark wins.
  • Any tie match is broken by a “one on one showdown” with each team fielding a limited number of players.
  • No bunting — any batter that attempts a bunt is ejected.
  • Batters are not allowed to step out of the batters box; any violation is an automatic strike.
  • Foul balls caught by fans are counted as outs.
  • Batters can attempt to “steal” first base in case of a wild pitch or passed ball at any time during the at-bat.

Banana Ball isn’t the only fun thing you’ll see at a Savannah Bananas game. Players perform choreographed dances every game and wear everything from yellow tuxedos to yellow kilts! No matter what, you’re always in for a treat at a Savannah Bananas game.

Coming to Birmingham, June 23-24 — Tickets

The Savannah Bananas last played in Birmingham to a sold-out crowd at Rickwood Field in 2022, and can’t wait to play in The Magic City again. This year, the Savannah Bananas will be playing at BOTH of Birmingham’s baseball fields.

  • Regions Field — Friday, June 23rd at 7PM
  • Rickwood Field — Saturday, June 24th at 1PM

Expect tickets for the Savannah Bananas’ 2023 World Tour to sell out quickly, especially at Regions and Rickwood Fields. Tickets go on sale approximately two months before each game, so make sure to sign up for the ticket waitlist!

Click here to sign up for the ticket waitlist.

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