Ivy League Brew—Alabaster’s first mead brewery is now open

ivy league4 Ivy League Brew—Alabaster's first mead brewery is now open
Inside the brewery. (Ivy League Brew / Facebook)

Thirteen years ago, Matthew Pollard brewed his first mead beverage. Now, with some help from his friends, Pollard has opened Alabaster’s first mead brewery, Ivy League Brew. Keep reading to learn more.

Ivy League Brew

Ivy League Brew
Throw axes while sipping your drink. (Ivy League Brew / Facebook)

Ivy League Brew is one of a kind. From delicious homemade mead brews to playing pool or throwing axes with friends, there is something for everyone. Try their Mourning Dew, a light lemon and honey drink or the classic Immortal mead.

“Immortal was the first brew I ever did. I got really, really lucky and it turned out tasting really good. I’ve been brewing it for 13 years, so I’ve had a lot of time to really refine it. It is very honey forward and has a bourbonesque taste that you get from the dark-charred oak barrel, and it’s definitely our mainstay.”

Matthew Pollard, Owner, Ivy League Brew

You can also find handcrafted rootbeers and orange sodas for those under 21. In the future, the business hopes to add a cigar lounge and host a variety of food trucks.

What is mead?

ivy league brew
The Immortal drink. (Ivy League Brew / Facebook)

Mead is an alcoholic beverage that is made by fermenting honey with water. Ivy League Brew uses local Alabama wildflower honey for most of its brews.

“Mead is the oldest fermentable beverage known to man. It’s kind of where it all started and we’re just bringing it back to modern day. There’s a lot of cost upfront to get something like this going but where we differ is our flavors are so much cleaner. Honey complements every flavor and really brings the best out of all the flavors. You really get that flavor popping through which is really awesome.”

Matthew Pollard, Owner, Ivy League Brew

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