Don’t miss ASFA’s amazing take on A Chorus Line, February 24-26


You won’t find a more hardworking and enthusiastic group of students than at ASFA. (Bham Now)

Written by Lacey Spear.

Attention all Broadway musical enthusiasts—get ready to see the premier young talent of Birmingham’s theater scene. On February 24–26, Alabama School of Fine Arts (ASFA) will present the legendary musical, A Chorus Line. We sat down with John Manzelli, ASFA Theater Chair, Zoe Wirt, director of A Chorus Line, and Campbell Pate, the musical’s lead, to learn more about this fantastic show. Read on for full details and get your tickets now.

All the details 

This production features a lot of high-energy dancing, so get ready to move! (Bham Now)

What: A Chorus Line
Where: Dorothy Jemison Day Theatre
When: Friday, Feb 24-Saturday, Feb 25, 7PM | Sunday, Feb 26, 2:30PM
Cost: Adult: $15 | Student: $8
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A Chorus Line

You don’t want to miss ASFA’s unique take on this classic show. (Bham Now)

A Chorus Line is a 1975 musical featuring music by Marvin Hamlisch and lyrics by Edward Kleban. The original Broadway production, which ran for 6,137 shows, was the longest-running Broadway show in history until it was surpassed by Cats in 1997. 

The storyline centers around a group of dancers auditioning for spots on a chorus line. The performers must conquer a vigorous series of dance numbers to make the final cut. 

The dancers gradually face elimination rounds until only 16 remain. The musical’s tension culminates when Zach, the director, must make his final choice from the 16 performers. 

ASFA Theatre’s version of the production will put a teenage twist on the classic musical, making it the ideal show for families and young people. 

“The production has been slightly adapted by the royalty company to be appropriate for teen audiences. They’ve done a great job of modifying it for schools without losing the heart of it and the things that are really interesting.” 

John Manzelli, ASFA Theatre Chair 

A student-led production

Campbell Pate, the musical lead, portrays Cassie Ferguson in the production. (Bham Now)

ASFA students, ranging in age from 12-18, are acting and doing all the behind-the-scenes work, including props, lighting and settings.

“The students have been working so hard. I have seen kids in the hallways between classes, practicing dance steps. I have had students pull me aside in the middle of the school day to discuss a song or ask ‘am I singing this note right?’ They just want to do well so badly. They’re sleeping in the world of this show—breathing and living in it.”

Zoe Wirt, Director of A Chorus Line

Wirt says that the production is a unique opportunity to show the diversity of culture of ASFA’s students. Since A Chorus Line is about auditioning for a show,  Wirt has designed ASFA’s version to reveal the personality and values of their theater department. 

Campbell Pate, senior and musical lead, says that the students have enjoyed incorporating their own take on this classic show. 

“This is one of the most beloved shows in musical theater canon. It’s been a great challenge for all of us to put our spin on such iconic material. I love how everyone can find something to relate to in these characters.”

Campbell Pate, Musical Lead

Bonus: Get ready for Hashtag Selfie TikTok Zoom

Cassie Kennedy (Melissa McClintock) looks on as her crazy parents (Oona Vickery and Phoenix Carroll) struggle with technology. (ASFA)

After this amazing show, you’ll want to see more from ASFA Theatre, so make sure to get your tickets for their next production—Hashtag Selfie TikTok Zoom. This play was commissioned for the ASFA Theater Department and was written by the prolific Michael McKeever.

The production is a dark comedy based on the absurdity of social media and will feature engaging graphics on the theater’s new high-quality projector, proving to be every bit as visually mesmerizing as your phone screen. 

“The play is about social media and the world of technology. We are challenged to present it in a way that reflects that. So we’re going to use a lot of audio visuals. We are going to present a new work of art that’s never been done before.”

John Manzelli, ASFA Theatre Chair 

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