Dance the night away for a good cause during Big Top at Haven, Feb. 24


Big Top
Get ready for Big Top’s silent disco! (Glenwood)

From exciting casino games to wowing aerialists, a spectacular night awaits you at Big Top—Glenwood’s 19th annual fundraiser on Friday, February 24. Read on to discover what awaits you at this show-stopping event and learn about the incredible group behind it. Know you want to go? Grab your tickets now.

Know before you go

Big Top
Grab a bite and dance the night away at Big Top. (Glenwood)

Behind Big Top

Jackie McLean (Donor Relations/Events Manager at Glenwood) and Glenwood Junior Board Members Nonie Brown and Jacquelin Drennen. (Bham Now)

The Magic City is known for its lengthy list of amazing events, like Glenwood’s Big Top. If you’ve ever wondered who the lucky ducks are who get to plan this spectacular fundraiser each year, we have the answer—Glenwood’s Junior Board. This special group of young professionals was established 19 years ago with the specific goal of creating a yearly fundraiser that would benefit Glenwood’s children’s program that provides services to kids of all ages who have been diagnosed with autism and other behavioral health needs. 

This very first group of junior board members put their heads together and came up with the brilliant idea of a circus-themed event called Big Top. It’s been one of Glenwood’s biggest and most important annual fundraisers ever since. 

“This event wouldn’t happen without Glenwood’s Junior Board. All of its members put their heart and soul into planning the event, and they do it because they care about Glenwood.”

Jackie McLean, Donor Relations and Events Manager, Glenwood
Glenwood Junior Board Members Nonie Brown and Jacquelin Drennen. (Bham Now)

Currently, Glenwood’s Junior Board is comprised of 30 active members and six associate members who have served on the board for at least three years. I spoke with two of Glenwood’s Junior Board members to find out why they wanted to be part of this group.

Nonie Brown, Sponsorship Co-Chair has been on Glenwood’s Junior Board for two years.

“My family has been involved with Glenwood since the very beginning. My parents, grandparents, aunts and uncles. We’ve been involved for a few generations now, which makes it even more special and it’s incredible to be part of an organization that actually changes people’s lives. I think the junior board is so fun to be a part of because it’s amazing to stand next to people who really care about this organization and its community.” 

Nonie Brown, Glenwood Junior Board Member + Sponsorship Co-Chair

Jacquelyn Drennen has been part of Glenwood’s Junior Board for three years. She first learned about Glenwood when working for a company that provided software solutions for behavior analysts.

I was blown away by Glenwood and the quality of services it provided. I wanted to contribute and be a part of that as well.”

Jacquelyn Drennen, Glenwood Junior Board Member

Learn more about Glenwood and get your tickets to Big Top taking place Friday, February 24.

Head to the Big Top—Friday, Feb. 24

Big Top
Are you a roulette master? (Glenwood)

Get pumped—it’s time to discover what’s in store at this year’s Big Top. 

Here’s what to expect:

  • Tito’s Handmade Vodka Make-Your-Own-Seltzer Bar
  • Food from The Happy Catering Company
  • Drinks from Campesino Rum, Adams Beverages + United Johnsons Brothers
  • Live music from Total Assets
  • Silent Auction with fun trips, art + more
  • Silent Disco
Big Top
Total Assets performs again this year at Big Top. (Glenwood)

NEW THIS YEAR: Aerialists will perform adding an extra dose of magic to the event’s annual circus theme.

Wondering what Glenwood’s Junior Board members are most excited about? Here’s what Nonie and Jacquelyn had to say:

Nonie Brown: “I think the casino games are so fun. It gives the whole event a bustling, energetic vibe when people are moving around tables or celebrating a win.” 

Jacquelyn Drennen: “The Silent Disco is my favorite part. It’s so cool to see everyone dancing silently with their headphones on. It’s definitely the highlight of the event for me.”

Big Top
Get ready to groove at the Silent Disco. (Glenwood)

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