Building Birmingham: The Sloss Story documentary premieres this Thursday, Jan. 19 [TRAILER]

sloss sisters
Leigh Sloss Corra, Caroline Sloss Ratliff and Cathy Sloss Jones. (Bham Now)

“Building Birmingham: The Sloss Story”— a new film that explores the story of Col. James Withers Sloss, his family and their impact on The Magic City—premieres Thursday, January 19. Keep reading to learn more about the film and where you can watch it.

The Sloss Story

Discover how one family changed the face of Birmingham in a new film from Jacksonville State University (JSU). The documentary premieres on Alabama Public Television on Jan. 19 at 8PM.

You’ll have to check out the film for all the details, but know that the Sloss family’s impact began over 150 years ago and continues to shape Birmingham.

Produced by JSU’s Longleaf Studios, the film follows the story of the Sloss family, starting with Colonel James Withers Sloss and his vision to bring the railroad to Birmingham and the building of the Sloss Furnaces.

The Sloss sisters have followed in those footsteps and continue to stay actively involved in the rebuilding and revitalization of Downtown Birmingham.

“Having known the Sloss sisters and their parents for over 30 years, it was concerning that so many people have come to think of Sloss as a place, instead of a family. This documentary makes it clear; it is both. And, wow, what an influential family it continues to be!”    

Pete Conroy, Board of Directors, Alabama Public Television

The full documentary will be available at, and the PBS Video App.

Sloss Real Estate is continuing the family legacy

Sloss Furnaces Building Birmingham: The Sloss Story documentary premieres this Thursday, Jan. 19 [TRAILER]
An iconic view. (Buffy Lockette)

Sloss Real Estate has been at the center of Birmingham’s urban evolution for over 100 years, helping transform Birmingham into the modern city we all love today. 

“We are very honored for Alabama Public Television and Jacksonville State University to tell our story. Our company mission is simple and has remained constant: to lift up Birmingham, repurpose its best assets and draw individuals to the City Center. We strongly believe in Alabama’s potential and are proud to continue the work of connecting and strengthening our communities.”  

Cathy Sloss Jones, President and CEO, Sloss Real Estate

The company’s focus is on linking neighborhoods along Birmingham’s central corridor to downtown. Some of their projects that have done this include:

We are so excited for Birmingham to learn more about the Sloss family and the impact they’ve had on the city.

“Working on the Sloss family documentary was a rewarding experience that allowed us all an inside look at the significant impact this family has had on Birmingham and the surrounding area.”   

Seth Johnson, Executive Producer, Building Birmingham: The Sloss Story

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