Woodfin touts initiatives in the State of the City address

SOTC Address 101 Woodfin touts initiatives in the State of the City address
Mayor Woodfin is introduced by councilwoman Crystal Smitherman.(Sabrina Palmer / Bham Now)

Birmingham Mayor Randall Woodfin delivered his 2023 State of the City Address to the Kiwanis Club of Birmingham today, January 17 at the Harbert Center. In his address, Woodfin released initiatives that his administration is taking to reduce crime, improve economic and community development and strengthen neighborhoods in the city. Keep reading to get the highlights on Woodfin’s address.

Conflict resolution initiatives

Woodfin focused a major part of his presentation on crime prevention. Many of his initiatives included the development of partnerships to create the following initiatives.

  • The juvenile reentry program RESTORE, which was approved today by the city council, allows wrap-around services for young men and women in state custody. This initiative is a partnership with Jefferson County Family Court to provide services and support for youth ages 16 to 19.
  • Developed a partnership with Jefferson County Department of Health– a hospital-linked violence intervention initiative.
  • Establishment of Safe Haven program with Parks and Recreation.
  • Continued funding of mental health services at Birmingham City Schools.

Although Birmingham had the highest murder rate per capita in its history in 2022, Woodfin showed that violent crime is down by 5.67%. He cited the hard work of the Birmingham Police Department– which recently shifted to 12-hour shifts to support the actual visibility of officers in the streets.

Economic and community development

SOTC Address 103 Woodfin touts initiatives in the State of the City address
State of the City Address (Sabrina Palmer / Bham Now)

“Do not forget that the city of Birmingham is an employer. It is my job as employer, city council’s job as an employer to continue to do everything we can to invest in our employees.”

Mayor Randall Woodfin, State of the City Address

According to Woodfin,10.8 million dollars was awarded to the Good Jobs Challenge, which establishes healthcare workforce training. This program puts Birmingham in the position to hire 1,000 new jobs in the healthcare industry. Woodfin said the impact this has made a difference not only in employment opportunities but the ability to save lives in the community.

Additional initiatives highlighted by Woodfin

Woodfin also included the following initiatives in his presentation.

  • Launched a uniform garbage cart program.
  • Approved 12-week maternal/paternal leave policy–the first city in Alabama to do so.
  • Launched financial literacy curriculum in Birmingham City Schools.
  • 5% cost of living adjustment.
  • Allocated $10 million for a housing trust fund.

Through his address, Woodfin praised his administration and the many other organizations and councils that contributed to these initiatives.

“When we collectively decide to do something, there is no stopping the city of Birmingham.”

Mayor Randall Woodfin, State of the City Address

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