Ensley Fairfield Mattress company closes after 100+ years in Birmingham

Ensley Fairfield Mattress
(Ensley Fairfield Mattress Co.)

One of the oldest family-owned businesses in Birmingham—Ensley Fairfield Mattress—is officially closing its doors after 100+ years of operation. Founded in 1915, Ensley Fairfield Mattress has been owned and operated by four generations of the Holtzclaw family. Keep reading to learn more about this longtime Birmingham business.

About Ensley Fairfield Mattress

(Ensley Fairfield Mattress Co.)
(Ensley Fairfield Mattress Co.)

In 1915, Louis H. and Dixie A. Holtzclaw began manufacturing mattresses in the first Ensley Fairfield Mattress Co., located in an old brick building on the township lines of Ensley and Fairfield. Using an old Ford Model T, Louis and Dixie made deliveries throughout The Magic City and helped the company survive the struggles of the Great Depression and two World Wars.

After returning from serving in World War Two, Louis and Dixie’s son Claude married his high school sweetheart, Dorothy “Dot”, and assumed operation of Ensley Fairfield Mattress. Claude and Dorothy faced their own challenges—at one point living in the back of the manufacturing warehouse—but continued the family legacy of quality service.

35 years later, the third generation of the Holtzclaw family—William “Bill” Holtzclaw and his wife, Sherry—chose to transition the company out of manufacturing to focus on offering their customers better value. The Holtzclaw family still made their own mattress deliveries in Birmingham—albeit in a newer vehicle than a Ford Model T!

The fourth generation of the Holtzclaw family grew up surrounded by the family business and one day planned to take the reins. However, the past few years have been exceedingly difficult for small, family-owned businesses—and Ensley Fairfield Mattress was no exception.

Saying Goodbye

(Ensley Fairfield Mattress Co.)
(Ensley Fairfield Mattress Co.)

After nearly 108 years in business, Ensley Fairfield Mattress company has decided to close their doors permanently. In a press release available on their website, the company explained that decision to close came during a time of transition for the family.

“As we approach our 108th year serving the Birmingham metro, the 3rd generation owner of Ensley Fairfield Mattress Company is ready to turn in their keys and finally enjoy a much deserved and earned retirement. As a family we had conversations of whether to keep stores open and continue to operate the traditional way that Birmingham has become so accustom to, but the best party guest always knows the right time to leave. We know that in this transition it is the right time for our family close our final retail store in Alabama.”

Although the company identified challenges such as the economy, pandemic restrictions, increasing costs and other reasons that affected their decision, they choose to look back on the positive experiences that have made the last 107 years so special.

“So, as we put our final retail store to bed for one last time at the end of January 2023, we want to thank you for trusting us for generations. Our faithful customers have been such a joy to our family and we are honored that you have always supported our American dream. We pray this isn’t the end, but a new beginning for the Holtzclaw family and the Ensley Fairfield legacy. Always remember, ‘the rest of your days depends on the rest of your nights.'”

With love, All 4 Generations of Ensley Fairfield Mattress Co, Inc.

Ensley Fairfield Mattress company’s final retirement sale is ongoing through January 2023 while supplies last. Visit their Pelham location to learn more.

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