8 fun and different workouts to try in the new year

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Get ready for the hustle and grind. (Lauren Bedford / Bham Now)

Looking to step up your workout routine? Or maybe this is finally the year you start consistently hitting the gym. We get it—it’s hard to find a place where you can have fun while working out. Luckily, Birmingham has some amazing workouts that are perfect for the beginner or expert grinder. Keep reading to find your new favorite gym, studio or running group.

1. Battle Republic | Boxing

Battle Republic 3 8 fun and different workouts to try in the new year
Get your fight on this 2023. (Bham Now)

Got some pent up rage from the holiday season? Punch it out at Battle Republic and get a killer workout while doing it. They have multiple workouts at every level. Whether you are a long-time boxer pro or just trying to stick to your new year’s resolution, give this boxing gym a try. Plus, if you are at The Summit you can treat yourself to some shopping afterward for all your hard work!

2. Alchemy Running Crew | Outdoor run

Alchemy isn’t just a streetwear and sneaker store. They have formed a Birmingham run club that invites any runner of any skill or age to join on Tuesday nights. This is a great way to meet the Birmingham community and create long-lasting friendships.

3. Levite Jewish Community Center | Pickleball

LJCC Cody Bass
How many pickleballs can you juggle? (Nathan Watson / Bham Now)

Pickleball is one of the fastest-growing recreational sports in the US, so why not make it your new workout routine? The Levite Jewish Community Center has wood gyms where you can go and play pickleball on the open court or perfect the sport through clinics. The cost is free for members or five dollars for non-members.

4. Gauntlet Fitness | Kickboxing

workouts, gauntlet fitness
Kickboxing is a full body workout. (Gauntlet Fitness / Facebook)

Kickboxing is a great mixture of cardio and muscle building and the folks at Gauntlet Fitness know how to have fun with it. Join the Gauntlet family to achieve your new year’s goals.

5. Highland Park Tennis Courts | Tennis

As the temperature (hopefully) continues to rise, pick up a tennis racquet and a friend to try your skills at a tennis match. As a former tennis player, this is a fun and great way to get a workout in, while practicing your hand-eye coordination. You can join the Highland Park Tennis courts to get access to their twelve courts. We recommend going to the sports shop to learn more about how to play at Highland Park.

6. Spartan Fitness | Jiu Jitsu

spartan fitness, different workout, workouts birmingham
Learn defense and get a workout in. (Spartan Fitness / Facebook)

Looking to ditch the typical gym workout? Spartan fitness is a mixed martial arts studio that promotes valuable defensive skills and getting a great workout in. They have multiple different styles of workouts such as Brazilian jiu jitsu, Muay Thai boxing and classes for kids who want to learn martial arts.

7. Studio Steel | Pole dancing

I have heard from friends how hard of a workout pole dancing is, then I tried my first class and I understood. If you like testing your flexibility, learning an exotic yet beautiful dance and pushing yourself hard in a workout, you might just have to give Studio Steel a try.

8. Birmingham Ultra Trail Society | Trail run

Tuesday BUTS
BUTS Tuesday night running group at Red Mountain Park. (Birmingham Ultra Trail Society)

BUTS (aka Birmingham Ultra Trail Society) is a club like no other. They host multiple hike runs throughout the week at different times at different state parks across the Greater Birmingham Area. You don’t have to be a member to shop up and join a group run, but membership is always greatly appreciated to help expand the society.

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