Make 2023 the year of home organization with these simple tips from a local design expert


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Organize your life in 3…2…1. (Closets by Design / Facebook)

Since the new year rolled in, you’ve likely spent time contemplating which resolution you should strive to accomplish. Our suggestion—get your home organized once and for all. To find out how, read one for these simple tips from local Designer Kourtney Harper from Closets by Design.

1. Get your kitchen in post-holiday-baking order

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Now that’s a pantry to gush over. (Closets by Design / Facebook)

There’s nothing like the aroma of delicious holiday treats baking in the oven. But the mess, my goodness, the mess!

Now that 2023 has rolled in, let’s all make a pact to finally get our kitchens and pantries in tip-top organization. Kourtney filled me in on how to do it and it turns out, it’s not as difficult as I imagined. Here are her suggestions:

  • Make space: First, empty all your cabinets, drawers and pantry then give them a good wipe down. This allows you to get rid of items such as unused cooking utensils as well as out-of-date products.
  • Invest in kitchen organization tools: Before you put everything back in its rightful place, Kourtney suggests getting kitchen organizing tools. Some include:
  • Clear plastic bins to organize food in the refrigerator + freezer
  • Shelf dividers for cooking utensils
  • Spinning spice rack

BONUS: Closets by Design offers custom-design pantries. Awesome, right? You can even get upgrades specific for your space, like rolling shelves for cans, sliding pullout trays for baking sheets and other accessories to store goodies from all those holiday get-togethers.

2. Store your holiday decor the RIGHT way

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This ornament organizer is one of the best storage system I’ve purchased. (Patience Itson / Bham Now)

Whether you leave those festive decorations up past New Years or you’re like me and are dragging that tree out the door at 12:01AM on December 26, you’ll need a place to store the items you reuse each year. I can only imagine how many decorations some of the over-the-top houses around Birmingham have to keep track of!

If you’re having trouble getting those holiday decorations put away, Kourtney says storage containers are her go-to. But before you start ordering ALL the containers, Kourtney has some worthwhile tips. 

“I recommend each container be specifically made for one wrapping paper, ornaments, lights and garlands Separation is key.”

Kourtney Harper, Designer, Closets by Design
Closets by Design
Garage storage cabinets can store almost anything. (Closets by Design / Facebook)

You can also consider Closets by Design’s custom-design garage cabinets. What’s useful about this storage system is its adjustable shelving feature that lets you easily slide storage items in and out.

3. Let go of unused items

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Unused clothes? Consider donating them to a local organization. (Closets by Design / Facebook)

If you have a hard time getting rid of unused households items, you aren’t alone. We all have that pair of jeans we swear we will fit into again one day or an old set of dishes taking up useful real estate in a high cabinet.

“The biggest mistake I see is people holding onto unused items. As humans, we like to hold onto things because we feel like we’ll use it or will need it one day. But let’s be honest, if we haven’t touched or seen some possessions in over six months, it’s best to donate it or throw it away.”

Kourtney Harper, Designer, Closets by Design

The question: How do you break the tether and finally let go of unused items so you get your home organized once and for all? 

“Start by decluttering one room at a time and ask yourself ‘Do I see myself or anyone else in my household using this item in the near future?’ If yes, keep it. If not, chuck it.”

Kourtney Harper, Designer, Closets by Design

4. Tackle your kid’s toys once and for all

Closets by Design
Even toys can be organized when you set your mind to it. (Closets by Design / Facebook)

If your child receives a beaucoup of gifts during the holidays, figuring out where to put them all can be tough. I can’t be the only parent who feels consumed by the constant mess of toys, books and games. 

So, how do we eliminate the daily struggle of too much stuff and not enough space? 

Here’s what Kourtney suggests:

  • Get a low-access shelving unit. This allows you to keep toys at an appropriate height so they can reach them and also put them away. Shelving units that let you adjust shelving up and down according to the height of your child’s toys also make storing them easy. 
  • Use clear storage bins. Not only do storage bins keep items in one place, but if your child can see through each bin, they’ll have an easier time finding what they’re looking for and won’t need to dump out every container. Mess aversion—I love it!
  • Invest in custom-built cabinets. Cabinets built exactly how you want them? Sign me up! What better way to hide mountains of toys, am I right? “If you need to hide the plenteous amounts of toys your child will love and receive for Christmas this year, hiding them behind closed cabinet doors just might be your best option.” – Kourtney Harper, Designer, Closets by Design
Closets by Design
Hire Closets by Design to install helpful organization systems in your home. (Closets by Design / Facebook)

BONUS: Closets by Design offers low-access shelving units and custom-built cabinets. They will also install them for you!

5. Own that closet

Closets by Design
When everything has a specific place, your closet will be stress free. (Closets by Design / Facebook)

You can’t have a guide to organization without mentioning the most disorganized spot in your house (my house any way). Birmingham, it’s time to learn how to battle that closets—and win!

Here’s how: get a custom closet to fit your every need. Closets by Design will visit your home and design a custom closet to fit your every need. Some custom ideas include:

  • A specific area for pants or long dresses
  • Adjustable shelving for shoes
  • Custom jewelry drawers to hold watches, bracelets or sunglasses

When it’s all said and done, 2023 will officially be the year of home organization. And what could be more satisfying than that?

Ready to be organized in 2023? Visit Closet by Designs website and follow them on Facebook Instagram and LinkedIn or call them at 205.777.4000.

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