How these 5 veterans make lives better every day at Children’s of Alabama

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Children's of Alabama Veterans Day
Meet five employees who make a major impact every day and love what they do. (Children’s of Alabama)

On Veterans Day and beyond, we celebrate all who have given their time to serve—including these five Children’s of Alabama employees. Read on to meet them and find out why they love what they do, plus see how you can join the team.

Meet 5 veterans who now work at Children’s of Alabama

1. Reginald Hope | Manager, Pediatric Practice

Reginald Hope, Children's of Alabama
Reginald Hope. (Children’s of Alabama)

Reginald Hope, a native of Mobile, Alabama, enlisted and served in the US Coast Guard in various healthcare roles, including dental technician, medical technician, x-ray technician and assistant medical administrator. After 21 years, he retired and is now the Practice Manager of Pediatrics East.

At Children’s, he manages the day-to-day operations of two locations, 11 physicians and 70 support staff. Each workday has its own challenges, but there’s a strong team of people to support each other. For his first birthday at Pediatrics East, the physicians and staff threw him a surprise party!

“Although each day brings challenges, it also brings a strong sense of purpose and fulfillment—the knowledge that I played a small, off-stage role in our patient’s health and wellness.”

Reginald Hope, Practice Manager of Pediatrics East, Children’s of Alabama
Childrens Natalie Dreams Up How these 5 veterans make lives better every day at Children's of Alabama

2. Chesca Barnett | Pharmacist

Chesca Barnett, Children's of Alabama
Chesca Barnett. (Children’s of Alabama)

Chesca completed her education at the United States Air Force Academy and started her career as a pharmacy technician with the US Air Force.

As a staff pharmacist at Children’s, she makes sure that patients get the correct medication to give them the best care possible.

“When I was at the Academy, I learned that helping people was very important to me. When I served in the military, I always enjoyed the team aspect of our work. I especially looked forward to working in the clinic in base housing because we were able to help with a predominately pediatric population. I knew when I went to pharmacy school that I wanted to be a pediatric pharmacist, and I was able to fulfill that dream right after graduation and continue to do so here at Children’s. I think of what I do as more of a duty than a job. This is what motivates me to give 100% every day.”

Chesca Barnett, Pharmacist, Children’s of Alabama
Childrens Natalie Dreams Up How these 5 veterans make lives better every day at Children's of Alabama

3. Darius Hackworth | Security Officer

Darius Hackworth, Children's of Alabama careers
Darius Hackworth. (Children’s of Alabama)

Darius Hackworth served in the Marine Corps from 2000 to 2005 before discharging at the rank of Sergeant. Now, he works at Children’s as a Security Officer to make the campus as safe as possible for patients, their families and staff.

Each day involves patrolling the campus and watching for potential safety threats, but one of the most fulfilling parts of his job is seeing happy kids discharged after a long stay.

4. Jeremy Hawkins | Cardiovascular Perfusion

Jeremy Hawkins
Jeremy Hawkins. (Children’s of Alabama)

Jeremy Hawkins served in the US Army as a medic and medical lab tech from 1993 to 2005 before going to the Medical University of South Carolina for Cardiovascular Perfusion. Today, he’s working for the cardiovascular department as a pediatric cardiovascular perfusionist.

No need to Google what a perfusionist is—I’ve got you covered. Perfusionists operate the cardiopulmonary bypass machine during cardiac surgeries and help maintain blood flow to the body’s tissues. It’s an essential job to keep each patient healthy.

Childrens Natalie Dreams Up How these 5 veterans make lives better every day at Children's of Alabama

5. Anita Bennett | Security Officer

Anita Bennett - Children's of Alabama security officer
Anita Bennett. (Children’s of Alabama)

Anita Bennett is a US Air Force veteran whose tours included being stationed at Rhein-Main Air Base Germany and Offutt Air Force base in Nebraska. Now, she’s working as a Security Officer and ensures everyone at Children’s is safe.

“There have been many things I have seen here, but the ones that impact me the most are when departments work together. We all have different functions. But when we work together to achieve the same goal, that’s a blessing!”

Anita Bennett, Security Officer, Children’s of Alabama

A rewarding career + kind teammates

When you talk to anyone who works at Children’s of Alabama, something quickly becomes clear: even though the job is difficult, each patient makes it worth it.

“It’s so funny, but even though I graduated from the Academy 32 years ago, there are still sayings from that time that resonate with me daily. One of them is ‘Motivated, motivated, motivated sir!’ That still runs through my head as I walk the crosswalk to come in and start my day. I truly believe I am where I am supposed to be, so while I am here, I give 100%. I am a pediatric pharmacist, and I love serving in this capacity.”

Chesca Barnett, Staff Pharmacist, Children’s of Alabama

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