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Cheers to beautiful rings + fantastic cocktails! (Mary Fehr / Bham Now)

It’s almost the most wonderful time of the year, so it’s officially time to think about gifts. Planning to gift your special someone a stunning necklace or plan to pop the question in a thrilling holiday moment? A Diamonds Direct expert answered our audience’s top questions, so find out what you need to know before making the splurge.

Plus, make plans to attend the holiday showcase from Friday, November 18-Sunday, November 20 for 20% off your purchase.

We asked—Diamonds Direct answered

If you’ve ever had big questions about what makes some diamonds better than others or if you’ve just been curious about what’s behind the doors at Diamonds Direct, you’re not alone. We asked the team at Diamonds Direct your top questions, including the best time to buy jewelry.

1. What is more important when choosing diamonds—carat size or clarity?

Diamonds have four Cs to look for: cut, clarity, carat and color. What you focus on depends on your goals!

“It really depends on what the individual customer is looking for and if they’re willing to sacrifice one aspect for another. The clarity of your diamond will heavily contribute to its sparkle–so if that’s important to you, clarity should be a top priority! If you want your diamond to really stand out, carat size is something to consider.”

Olivia Harris, Marketing Manager, Diamonds Direct

2. What specific features will help your ring last?

“Your ring will last a lifetime with proper care and maintenance. We recommend bringing your ring in every 3 or 4 months for a ‘wellness check’ to check for loosened prongs as well as indulge in a deep clean. Ridding your diamond of debris is a major factor in its longevity, as dirt and debris can dislodge a diamond over time.”

Olivia Harris, Marketing Manager, Diamonds Direct

If you’re curious about how carat size will affect your ring’s lifetime and how much it snags on clothes, so were we. Olivia told us that carat size doesn’t determine if it will snag, the mounting type and number of prongs will. A larger diamond may need more prongs to help keep it secure, and it might need to be checked more frequently!

3. How often should I take my ring to be inspected + cleaned after purchase?

Olivia recommends inspecting and cleaning your ring every three or four months for routine maintenance. If you’ve recently spent time in the ocean or nicked your ring, bring it in to double-check.

Bonus: These services are completely free-of-charge at Diamonds Direct, so you can come in as often as you like.

4. What are the most popular styles right now in Birmingham?

Diamonds Direct engagement ring
Are you team classic or art deco? (Mary Fehr / Bham Now)

Of course, we wanted to know the most popular styles in The Magic City. Olivia told us they’re seeing the surge in popularity of oval-cut diamonds set in a solitaire setting (which means no halo around the center stone and usually no diamonds on the band). These rings are classic and timeless.

Not your style? Radiant cut and emerald cut diamonds are having a moment, too, especially when set in a more art deco setting.

They’re also seeing the trend of pairing a simple engagement ring style with a bolder, more unique band fit for stacking.

5. Where do ring prices start?

“Our rings start as low as $500 and go up from there. The sky really is the limit as far as the most expensive go! If you can dream it, we can make it for you.”

Olivia Harris, Marketing Manager, Diamonds Direct

6. Does Diamonds Direct carry conflict-free diamonds?

“Yes! We are proud to carry diamonds that originate from a conflict-free source. We can confidently stand behind this promise to our customers because we are involved in every step of the diamond’s journey—from the mining to the cutting and polishing to ultimately delivering it to your hands. Our diamonds are part of an industry wide practice called the Kimberly Process, which ensures that the diamonds we carry are not ‘blood diamonds’ and the money generated from them does not finance unethical working environments, war and anti-government or rebellious movements whatsoever.”

Olivia Harris, Marketing Manager, Diamonds Direct

7. Does Diamonds Direct offer jewelry repair?

Yes—which is good news for people like me who lean to the clumsy side! Most repairs are complimentary, but the price and length of time needed depends on the repair itself.

8. Do you have to have an appointment to shop at Diamonds Direct?

No! You can walk in at any time, wearing whatever you want. Whether you’re in your nicest clothes or comfiest sweatpants, you’ll be greeted with the same smiling faces… and a glass of Champagne.

9. When is the best time to buy an engagement ring + get a great price? 👀

Any time you shop at Diamonds Direct, they’ll work to give you the highest quality diamond for the lowest possible investment. If you’re looking for major savings, though, you don’t want to miss their showcase events. You’ll get 20% off almost everything in the store! It’s the perfect time to shop, whether you’re looking for engagement settings and wedding bands or fashion pieces.

Plus, you can walk into Diamonds Direct at any time—no appointment necessary. They encourage appointments for the showcase events so you can spend less time waiting and more time finding the pieces of your dreams… and perhaps sip on cocktails.

A can’t-miss holiday event

Diamonds Direct
Head into Diamonds Direct to chat with a jewelry expert. (Mary Fehr / Bham Now)

Ready to receive 20% off almost everything in the showroom, just in time for the holidays? You don’t want to miss the Diamonds Direct Holiday Showcase.

*20% savings promotion excludes price-protected lines and GIA-certified diamonds. Offer cannot be combined with others.

What’s on the weekend lineup:

  • Friday Cocktail Hour, 5-7PM: Enjoy appetizers from Seasons 52, a bottomless “living” cocktail wall and live holiday music while you shop.
  • Saturday Spritzers: Enjoy original, spiked holiday drinks courtesy of Roxxy on the Rocks. Stop by their beverage trailer for hot chocolate, mulled wine and eggnog before heading in to shop.
  • Sunday Brunch: Sip holiday-inspired mimosas while you browse after lunch.

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