Let this Orangetheory coach help you crush your health goals now [VIDEO]


Orangetheory Nigel
Meet Nigel, an Orangetheory coach killing the game. (Ben Johnson / Bham Now)

What do you need to wake up at 4:30AM for a workout… happily? Caffeine and a fitness coach who will motivate you to give your workout all you’ve got. Get ready to meet Nigel Whitt, one of Orangetheory’s fantastic coaches.

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First things first—all about Orangetheory + what makes it stand out

Orangetheory workouts aren’t like anything else you’ve done. You’ll be surrounded by friendly faces, even if it’s your first time in the studio, and you’ll wear an OTBeat Performance Tracker to see your stats, like heart rate and calories burned.

Plus, in an OTF workout, you’ll be in five different heart rate zones, including “The Orange Zone”, which boosts your metabolism, burns fat and burns more calories.

Classes consist of rowing, cardio and strength training. You’ll never get bored because workouts change every day.

“There are so many different levels that we can accommodate so you can get comfortable being uncomfortable.”

Nigel Whitt, Downtown Head Coach, Orangetheory

Don’t think you can handle it? I was in the same boat at my first OTF class. Thankfully, you can adjust your workout to fit your own fitness abilities.

Meet Nigel Whitt, Downtown Head Coach

Nigel motivating his noon class. (Ben Johnson / Bham Now)

If you’ve ever been to the Downtown Orangetheory location, you probably recognize Coach Nigel.

He started his journey in the fitness industry nineteen years ago thanks to his love of sports and athletics. After apprenticing under a friend who worked as a fitness coach, he fell in love with the energy of coaching.

Now, he’s the head coach at the Downtown Studio and Regional Fitness Territory Leader of Orangetheory. Why did he choose OTF? Because it isn’t just a workout—it’s a family.

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“You came in because you were looking for something—whether it’s a community, a workout or a change in your life. We can offer you that.”

So many connections happen at Orangetheory. (Bham Now)

Orangetheory classes are certainly a challenge—but that’s why people love them. Whether you’re a marathon runner or you’re terrified of the workout, you’ll be surrounded by people who are cheering for you.

As you conquer each new class, you’ll become more comfortable in your abilities and you’ll want to push yourself even harder.

“Any time we do anything for the first time, we’re not comfortable with it. But as you get better and see yourself improving, you’ll take a step further on your own journey. And that will help you get comfortable being uncomfortable. And then the uncomfortable starts all over again. It’s a continuous cycle.”

Nigel Witt, Downtown Head Coach, Orangetheory
You’ll leave feeling sweaty, tired and like a better version of yourself. (Ben Johnson / Bham Now)

Ready to try an Orangetheory class for yourself? You’re in luck—there are five studios across the Greater Birmingham Area:

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