Cathy Sloss Jones to join special walking tour of Birmingham’s First Avenue South, Nov. 8—register now!


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Discover The Magic City in a whole new way at Birmingham’s First Avenue South Corridor Walking Tour on Tuesday, November 8. With special guest and local developer Cathy Sloss Jones, this tour is one you don’t want to miss. Keep reading to learn more and register in advance now if you know you want to attend.

About Birmingham Walking Tours

walking tour of Birmingham
Birmingham Walking Tours. (Vulcan Park & Museum)

No matter how long you have lived in Birmingham, there’s always something new to discover. This is one of the core reasons Vulcan Park and Museum’s Birmingham Walking Tours are so great—they teach us things we never knew and create new reasons to love The Magic City. 

From historic locations that played a part during the Civil Rights Movement to churches that date back to the city’s founding, these special walking tours have led countless feet to notable places around Birmingham to help boost locals’ and visitors’ knowledge.

Want to participate in a Walking Tour? It’s easy. Register in advance here, then check your email for the tour’s starting location.

Why attend First Avenue South Corridor Walking Tour?

Rotary Trail
Rotary Trail is a beloved landmark in Birmingham. (Jacob Blankenship / Bham Now)

Wondering what makes Birmingham’s First Avenue South Corridor worthy of a Birmingham Walking Tour? It’s a pretty cool and historic spot, actually. Here’s some backstory for you. 

Just a block away from the Railroad Reservation, First Avenue South is home to some of The Magic City’s most recognizable attractions, including Railroad Park, Rotary Trail and Regions Field.

During the the First Avenue South Corridor Walking Tour, you’ll be led by local architect Cheryl Morgan on an exciting journey through the history and beauty of this important Birmingham location—both past and present.

Learn from special guest Cathy Sloss Jones

Dr. Pepper Building
Pepper Place near First Avenue North. (Sabrina Palmer / Bham Now)

In recent years, Birmingham has undergone an endless stream of redevelopment and revitalization projects. Many of these projects would not have been possible without the work of Cathy Sloss Jones, President and CEO of Sloss Real Estate Company—an urban development firm founded by her great-grandfather. 

Through her role, she has led significant development projects in Downtown Birmingham. One you may be familiar with is Pepper Place.

What does this have to do with Birmingham’s First Avenue South Corridor Walking Tour? Jones is part of the tour, joining as a special guest tour guide!

When you participate in the tour, you won’t only get first-hand knowledge from someone who loves Birmingham, but someone who has also helped bring it to life in brand-new ways. Pretty cool, right?

Event details

What: First Avenue South Corridor Walking Tour
Tuesday, November 8 | 2PM
First Avenue South Corridor
Length of Tour: 2-2.5 hours
Member of Vulcan Park & Museum – $25 | Nonmembers – $30
Register in advance here, then check your email for the tour’s starting location.

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