JeffCo is spending over $18M on Grants Mill + Hueytown paving—what you need to know


Road Paving in Hueytown
Paving roads in Hueytown (Jefferson County)

Jefferson County is hard at work paving two major sections of road, with help from ALDOT and the City of Birmingham—one on Grants Mill Road and one in Hueytown. We spoke with Chris Nicholson, Deputy Director of Roads and Transportation, to bring you all the details.

Grants Mill Road Paving

There are currently two projects happening on Grants Mill Road.

1. Grants Mill to Old Leeds Road

Grants Mill
A birds-eye view of the work happening on Grants Mill between 459 and Old Leeds Road (Jefferson County)

First, there’s a contract project on the section between 459 and Old Leeds Road that involves rock excavation and stabilization along with installation of storm water pipes and gas line relocation.

  • What: a joint project with ALDOT that’s widening the road from two to four lanes
  • Roundabout alert: ultimately, there will be a roundabout where Grants Mill, Karl Daly Road + Old Leeds Road meet
  • Estimated completion: late fall 2023

If you drive this road frequently, like I do, you’ll be pleased to know the detour signs—which have allowed for completion of all this work plus the construction of the south side of the roundabout—are on track to come down at the end of November. There will still be lane closures to deal with, but not a full detour.

2. Grants Mill to 119

Grants Mill paving
Grants Mill Road paving between 119 and Grants Mill Road (Jefferson County)

Second, there’s a joint project with the City of Birmingham to resurface Grants Mill Road from 459 to 119. For this one, they milled, or removed, the top inch and a half of the existing asphalt before laying new asphalt.

While they didn’t widen this section, they are finishing up some extensive shoulder widening work, and are working on striping and signage to make the road “a better ride and whole lot safer for people,” according to Nicholson.

On this section, they also did extensive vegetation management (cutting back overhanging trees and brush), cleaning and stabilizing ditch lines, installing additional storm water controls.

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Hueytown Paving

Road work in Hueytown
Hueytown road work (Jefferson County)

In Hueytown, Jefferson County is working on four big paving projects as part of an annual paving plan that includes major through-roads in several jurisdictions.

The County coordinated with the City of Hueytown to perform work for the City on their section of Virginia Drive, reducing impact and providing cost savings to Jefferson County taxpayers.

Roads may appear rough while subgrade work is completed to ensure that repairs last.

All work is currently scheduled to be complete by the end of December 2022, depending on weather—all pavements have to cure, which requires dry and warm weather, before final striping can be installed.

1. Pleasant Grove Road

This work began August 30, 2022, and since that time the contractor has completed milling and patching subgrade areas in need of repair. Estimated completion date: November 7, 2022.

2. Park Road

This section is being repaired between October 4-November 11, 2022.

Hueytown Road Paving
Freshly-paved roads in Hueytown (Jefferson County)

3. Hueytown Road + 19th Street

This work is scheduled to take place between October 28-December 19, 2022 Once pipe repairs are completed, milling and paving will proceed.

4. Virginia Drive

This work started with replacing a pipe on Virginia Drive, and will be milling out deteriorated areas, then patching as needed before laying the final pavement, painting new stripes and putting on new markers.

Pipe repairs and drainage issues have delayed milling and paving work on Virginia Drive, but will ultimately ensure longer-lasting pavement once the job is done.

The next phase of this job is scheduled to take place between December 5-16, 2022.

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