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Hollywood Feed
Hollywood Feed employee Kayla with one of the store’s pups. (Nathan Watson / Bham Now)

When it comes to animals, we know your furry friend is more than a pet—they’re family. And when it comes to finding food, treats, bedding and even toys, we know you want the best for them. That’s why you’ll love Hollywood Feed, a special pet supply store known for friendly and knowledgeable service. Keep reading to learn more about what makes Hollywood Feed ”a Different Breed of Pet Supply Store!”

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Meet Birmingham’s Hollywood Feed Team

Hollywood Feed
Part of the Hollywood Feed team in Cahaba Village. (Nathan Watson / Bham Now)

To learn more about the Hollywood Feed team in Birmingham, we spoke with Store Manager Josh Lawrence. A graduate of the University of Alabama at Birmingham (UAB), Josh joined Hollywood Feed about a decade ago. Now, Josh and his team have transformed their store in Cahaba Village into Hollywood Feed’s #1 store in the country. Wow!

“I have always loved animals, all my life. We always had a dog in the house when I was growing up, and my wife and I had our own dog all through college. Right now, I have pet snakes, tortoises, lizards and more—you name it! I was drawn to Hollywood Feed because I love animals and because I love helping people.”

Josh Lawrence, Store Manager, Hollywood Feed — Cahaba Village
Hollywood Feed
Store Manager Josh Lawrence with Hollywood Feed store pup Ziggy. (Nathan Watson / Bham Now)

The team at Hollywood Feed’s Cahaba Village location is made up of 10 employees, including:

  • Assistant Manager Charlie Roche, who currently has five English Bulldogs and fosters a wild array of different animals.
  • Assistant Manger David Dolce, who enjoys spending his free time with his children, fishing and exercising.
  • Third Key Katie Carothers, who is currently getting her Master’s at UAB for English as a second language and loves to travel with her little dog, Dumpling.
  • Third Key Kayla Lowery, who loves camping and brings one of her four pups to work on a regular basis.
  • Sales Associate Ray Cole, who narrates audiobooks in his free time.
  • Sales Associate Nick Toms, who loves all kinds of animals and is studying Finance at UAB.
  • Amy Casey, who is studying nursing at Birmingham-Southern College and has an adorable Dalmatian named Echo.
  • Anna Yetter, who spends her weekends at the dog park with her pups Sunny and Bean.
  • Branden Gardner, who makes sure Hollywood Feed’s Same Day Delivery services are always running smoothly.
  • Rhea Jones, who has been grooming animals professionally for 14 years and has four dogs of her own.

“When you visit Hollywood Feed, you’re talking to people who genuinely love animals and helping people. We have an amazing team of employees that do a fantastic job of interacting with customers and recommending the very best products we have to offer.”

Josh Lawrence, Store Manager, Hollywood Feed — Cahaba Village

What sets Hollywood Feed apart?

Hollywood Feed
Hollywood Feed in Cahaba Heights. (Nathan Watson / Bham Now)

According to Josh, one of the biggest things that sets Hollywood Feed apart is their products.

“Our buyers at Hollywood Feed’s corporate office work really hard to ensure we only carry the best products. If we don’t know where a product is made, how it’s made and what the creators are putting into it—we’re not going to carry that product. That’s why we stand by our promise: if your pet doesn’t love it or if you don’t love it, we will gladly replace or refund the product.”

Josh Lawrence, Store Manager, Hollywood Feed — Cahaba Village

Plus, you don’t have to feel bad about returning an opened bag of pet food to Hollywood Feed if your pet doesn’t like it. Hollywood Feed donates all returned/opened pet food to local animal shelters and rescues! Typically, Hollywood Feed donates pet food to the Greater Birmingham Humane Society and lets them decide which local shelter needs help the most. And that’s not all—Hollywood Feed also provides free dog food to K9 units with local law enforcement.

Hollywood Feed
Hollywood Feed in Cahaba Heights. (Nathan Watson / Bham Now)

The products aren’t the only reason that Hollywood Feed is so successful – it’s also the knowledge and expertise of its store associates. To support that, Hollywood Feed provides a minimum of 40 hours of annual training to make sure all employees are up to speed on the latest products, training and more.

“We regularly host employee-only classes every two weeks. The classes are led by leaders in the company, local veterinarians, our buying team and more—it just depends on the class. If we get a new product, our buying team will teach us all about the product, why they chose it and which customers we should recommend it to. Animal health and wellness experts teach us the science behind our products, such as the benefits of raw dog foods versus dry foods. It’s really exciting to learn new things about our jobs!”

Josh Lawrence, Store Manager, Hollywood Feed — Cahaba Village

In addition, Hollywood Feed hosts master classes that are open to the public as part of its Hollywood Feed University offerings. These free webinars are hosted on a range of topics like bringing a new puppy home with kids, how to care for senior dogs late in life, understanding feline cat behavior and more.

In fact, Hollywood Feed University is offering a course on ingredients that are safe for pet consumption and how to create some fun DIY pet treats at home on September 22nd!

Hollywood Feed
Hollywood Feed’s Same Day Delivery vehicle. (Nathan Watson / Bham Now)

Whether you shop in-store or utilize Hollywood Feed’s Same Day Delivery—which is FREE on orders over $49—you can feel confident that you’re getting the best price possible.

“Hollywood Feed offers a price match guarantee, so you can be sure you’ll get the lowest prices anywhere. We work with our vendors daily to make sure they are offering the best prices possible.”

Josh Lawrence, Store Manager, Hollywood Feed — Cahaba Village

Learn More About Hollywood Feed

Hollywood Feed
Make sure to say hi to Hollywood Feed’s store pups when you visit! (Nathan Watson / Bham Now)

Hollywood Feed: Website | Facebook | Instagram | Twitter
Address: 2800 Cahaba Village Pl Suite 180, Mountain Brook, AL 35243

For Josh and the rest of the team, the best days at Hollywood Feed are the ones where they can help a customer find a product that truly makes their pet’s life better.

“The best feeling ever is when a customer comes back to tell you how much you’ve helped their pet. We had one customer whose dog was having severe stomach issues. Despite spending thousands of dollars at the vet, trying prescription foods and more, the customer wasn’t able to help her dog’s upset stomach. We introduced the customer to one brand of food that tends to do well with dogs—and her dog hasn’t had any stomach issues since! When a customer credits your store with saving their dog’s life, it’s pretty amazing.”

Josh Lawrence

Visit Hollywood Feed to meet the team & find new products your pet will love.

Hollywood Feed
Assistant Manager Kayla Lowry with one of the Hollywood Feed store pups. (Nathan Watson / Bham Now)

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