5 community organizations that have Phyllis Hall’s heart


Phyllis Hall, Red Mountain Theatre, Truist
David and Phyllis Hall in front of Red Mountain Theatre. (Jacob Blankenship / Bham Now)

Phyllis Hall is a woman-about-town. Whether you’ve met her working out at the Y, worshiping at St. Luke’s or engaging in any of the other community-focused endeavors she’s involved with, you know her enthusiasm is infectious. Keep reading to find out about the five organizations that currently have her heart, including Truist.

Meet Phyllis Hall

Camp McDowell
Phyllis Hall at Camp McDowell. (Phyllis Hall)

Phyllis Hall is a woman of many talents and boundless energy. Since October 2012, she’s served as Vice Chair of Shook & Fletcher Insulation Co., but that big role hasn’t slowed down her community involvement one bit. 

She’s married to David Hall, a priest at St. Luke’s Episcopal Church in Mountain Brook, where she’s been a member for 30-plus years. They live in Highland Park. 

The Halls are the proud grandparents of their 10-year old granddaughter, Lydia, who lives with her parents, Stefanie and Josh Lopez in Houston.

Never one to let the grass grow under her feet, Phyllis is a runner who now mostly walks five days a week and works out at the YMCA. She and her husband love to hike.

Given all of those activities, you may be surprised to learn about Phyllis’ level of dedication to five major community organizations. Here’s her inspiring list:

  • Truist Birmingham, Advisory Board Member
  • Camp McDowell in the Episcopal Diocese of Alabama, Treasurer
  • Red Mountain Theatre, Board Member and Donor
  • YMCA of Greater Birmingham Board Member, past Chair
  • UAB Collat School of Business Advisory Board Member

Community engagement is nothing new to Phyllis Hall, whose past leadership roles include: 

  • Episcopal Diocese of Alabama, past Treasurer
  • St. Luke’s Episcopal in Birmingham, past Junior Warden
  • Downtown Sunrise Rotary Club, past President and past Assistant District Governor

Here are Hall’s five key community organizations right now: 

1. Hall connected with Truist through her community engagement

  • Burton McDonald of Truist
  • BBT Truist 11 5 community organizations that have Phyllis Hall's heart

Burton McDonald, Regional President for the State of Alabama + Josh Petty, Market President for Greater Birmingham (Matthew Niblett / Bham Now)

After hearing about Phyllis’ many community involvements, I was curious what led her to serve on Truist’s Advisory Board. Turns out, she and the folks from Truist, including Burton McDonald, Regional President for the State of Alabama, and Josh Petty, Market President for Greater Birmingham, had been crossing paths for years out in the community—on the YMCA board, at Red Mountain Theatre and in other activities. 

When they invited her to join their board in 2013, she was happy to be part of the team, which “serves as the eyes and ears of Truist out in the community.”

“We all have friends that may be seeking a banking partner, and any of us could be references for Truist in that regard—we tell them about our experiences. We know and understand Truist’s products and help represent them and their philanthropic ways in the community. Truist invests in the community through contributions and through community service projects.” 

Phyllis Hall

When it comes to choosing organizations to get involved in, three priorities stand out for Phyllis Hall: education, people and philanthropy. The Halls participate in each of the following organizations’ scholarship programs, listed here as 2-5. 

2. Camp McDowell 

Camp McDowell
Phyllis and David Hall in front of Hall Hall at wonderful Camp McDowell. (Phyllis Hall)

If you haven’t ever been to Camp McDowell, what are you waiting for? In addition to a beloved summer camp, they have an environmental center, the Alabama Folk School and so much more, including a strong scholarship program. 

3. Red Mountain Theatre

Red Mountain Theatre, Kinky Boots, Truist
The Halls with friends at a recent performance of Kinky Boots. (Phyllis Hall)

“Red Mountain Theatre has arts education so that students can sharpen their ability to create and collaborate. They also have the James Hatcher Founders Fund that provides scholarships to qualifying students.”

Phyllis Hall

4. The YMCA 

YMCA, Truist
Phyllis Hall in front of the YMCA. (Phyllis Hall)

“The YMCA has STEM-based activities as part of summer camp. They have an after-school academy. The slogan of their annual campaign is that no one is ever turned because of inability to pay.”

Phyllis Hall

5. UAB Collat School of Business

Collat School of Business
David and Phyllis Hall with the Dean of UAB’s Collat School of Business Dr. Eric Jack and his wife Ave Jack. (Phyllis Hall)

“UAB Collat School of Business is transforming lives one student at a time, with many scholarship opportunities.”

Phyllis Hall

A question of shared values

When I asked Phyllis about the four organizations she’s currently involved with, in addition to the Truist Advisory Board, she went straight to values, explaining that each of the organizations has a commitment to education, people and philanthropy. 

Shook & Fletcher’s core values are passionate integrity, professionalism, excellence and teamwork. 

And then Truist’s values are trustworthiness, caring, one team, success and happiness.

“So you can see the overlap—those are obviously part of my core values also. I’m very aligned not only with my company’s core values, but also to Truist’s core values. I’m very, very proud that we share so many of those core values.”

Phyllis Hall

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