Birmingham Corps is creating service jobs to make Bham better

Birmingham Corps
Mayor Randall Woodfin joined Founding Executive Director of Birmingham Corps, Yamini Bhat, on June 16 to announce this exciting endeavor. (Barton Perkins / Bham Now)

We love Birmingham because we have so many good neighbors helping the city become better and better. Birmingham Corps is the newest nonprofit making our city stronger than ever. If you’re a business or on the hunt for a job and want to make an impact in our beloved city, keep reading for more details.

What is Birmingham Corps?

Birmingham Corps Birmingham Corps is creating service jobs to make Bham better
Let’s make our water clean. (Natasha Dabrowski / Americorps)

Community service now has a new meaning. With a mission to create new jobs and a better Bham, Birmingham Corps is transforming community service work into jobs. By partnering with businesses and nonprofits around The Magic City, it’s helping place people in jobs that are making a social impact. Their goals to make our city better include to:

  • Create social-impact jobs
  • Connect talent with career opportunities
  • Empower and train local talent
  • Partner with government agencies and social organizations to make Bham better

We know—our city has amazing community, civic and public leadership. Because of this, Birmingham is the first city selected to start this program by partnering with Baltimore Corps, which has invested in and helped Birmingham create a business model like theirs. Let’s give our city a round of applause for standing out!

Making an impact in our community

Cahaba Riverkeeper Birmingham Corps is creating service jobs to make Bham better
This looks like a dream team. (Natasha Dabrowski / Americorps)

The launch of Birmingham Corps is starting off strong. One of its first partnerships is with AmeriCorps, a government agency creating national and local service opportunities. Together, they are creating jobs and a better Bham—starting with Cahaba Riverkeeper. This past week, AmeriCorps CEO, Michael D. Smith, came out to our city to see the amazing work Cahaba Riverkeepers is doing to keep our water clean and safe.

“No one was doing any sampling or testing to inform and educate the community about the water quality until Cahaba Riverkeeper, a Mobile Baykeeper AmeriCorps Team, came around.

In the process we’re helping create the next generation of conservation and environmental leaders. I am grateful I had a chance to visit the program to meet the inspiring AmeriCorps members who are getting things done for Alabama.”

Michael D. Smith, CEO, AmeriCorps

If you want to find a job to make a difference in our community, now’s the time to reach out to Birmingham Corps.

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