City of Birmingham to open temporary office for permitting + financing services during The World Games 2022     

The World Games 2022
Vulcan and Vesta are ready! (TWG 2022)

The World Games 2022 is quickly approaching and the City of Birmingham is getting everything in order before the big show. During The Games, permitting and financing services will be housed at a temporary satellite office. Read on for more details.

What will the office handle?

Birmingham City Hall is located within a secure perimeter during The World Games 2022 from Thursday, July 7-Sunday, July 17. As a result, a satellite office is being offered to provide ease of entry and quicker access to services.

City services will continue at City Hall with reduced staff and limited parking due to road restrictions.

The City of Birmingham is directing the following finance operations to this satellite office:

  • business licenses
  • business taxes
  • cash management functions
  • payment of permit fees

All permitting applications will also be available at the office. Cash and debit/credit cards are preferred for all payments.

Where can I find the office?

If you have any questions about permitting services offered at the satellite office, call 205.254.2252 or 205.254.2904. For questions about finance services offered at the temporary site, call 205.254.2188 for cash management and 205.254.2198 for tax and license.

Attend The World Games 2022

We couldn’t be more excited for The Magic City to be on the world stage. The countdown is officially on for The Games and their opening and closing ceremonies. Get your tickets today, and remember to follow The World Games 2022 on Facebook and Instagram for updates.

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