Local child actor from Alabaster lands role in Stranger Things Season 4

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Stranger Things fans will know what these lights mean 👀. (City of Alabaster on Facebook)

Chances are, Stranger Things has been dominating your TV screen lately (and you can’t get Running Up That Hill by Kate Bush out of your head). This season, the mega-popular sci-fi mystery series features a local face in the sixth episode—Alabaster child actor Jackson Watts. Read on for more about his journey.

A dream come true

According to the Shelby County Reporter, landing a role in Stranger Things was a dream come true for 11-year-old Jackson Watts. It’s no wonder why, Stranger Things has been one of the buzziest shows on Netflix since its release in 2016.

Season 4 Volume 1 of the hit show already became the most-watched season of English-language TV in a single week on Netflix, and is second only to Squid Game for all-time viewership.

The thrilling show is full of mystery, sci-fi, 80s nostalgia and even moments that’ll have you hiding behind your pillow (I mean…have you seen the Demogorgans?!). Despite not seeing the previous 3 seasons of the show, Jackson knew how important is was to be a part of the show after seeing the show’s child stars shoot to fame.

What scene is he in?

You can catch a glimpse at the Alabaster native in two of the scenes in episode six. Don’t worry, no spoilers here. Jackson’s character, Peter Bingham is first shown helping cook alongside one of his sisters in the show.

The scene, showcasing a family full of chaos, shows him adding salt to a pot of food as his sister chops vegetables. As longstanding main characters Mike, Will, Jonathan and newcomer Argyle walk into the room, she immediately scolds Peter for adding too much, saying “Father’s kidneys, father’s kidneys!”

Peter stands without saying a word as his on-screen sister takes the salt shaker from his hands and slams it on the counter.

In a later scene, we see the aftermath of their cooking attempt as they laugh while their father puts out a fire in the same pot they were cooking in.

On set, had his own trailer with his character’s name on it, access to a wide array of food, drinks and candy, and got to hang out with the other actors in his scene. Just casual 11-year-old things.

In between filming and production, he had to attend five hours of school each day with two different teachers. Still, it all amounted to an unforgettable experience.

What’s next?

After a moment in the spotlight on one of America’s biggest TV shows, you would think it would be hard to go back to business as a regular 11-year-old. But, that’s exactly what Jackson plans to do.

As described in the Shelby County Reporter, Jackson came back from the production and went straight back to school. Plus, his mom says being in a hit show doesn’t excuse him from cleaning his room and completing his chores, either.

His Stranger Things paycheck went to a pair of AirPods and the rest went into savings. As for his future endeavors, Jackson says acting is more of a hobby than a full-time gig (for now). The sports-oriented kid plans to focus on his endeavors in baseball and basketball, as well as continuing classes like normal at Briarwood Christian School.

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