Top Gun: Maverick is rocking Birmingham’s movie theaters—is it enough to bring them back?

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AMC at The Summit. (The Summit Birmingham)

Don’t roll the credits yet—movie theaters are still alive. Keep reading to see how the success of ‘Top Gun: Maverick’ may be a be a sign that there’s still hope for movie theaters.

Back in action

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Dine in and watch your movie here! (Erin Nelson / AMC Dine-In Vestavia)

After a 36-year wait, the sequel to the iconic ‘Top Gun’ has finally made it into theaters.

The film is currently only being shown in theaters before it will be on streaming services next month. This is encouraging news as movie theaters have been playing a game of catch up since the pandemic hit in 2020. Movie theaters are hoping the huge success of the movie will give them a boost in business.

Selling out theaters

sidewalk movies popcorn edited Top Gun: Maverick is rocking Birmingham's movie theaters—is it enough to bring them back?

Since the pandemic, people want to go out and have real experiences after being stuck in their houses.

We went to see the new ‘Top Gun’ and can confirm the popularity. After driving around Birmingham to three different theaters, we finally found one that had available seats. Trouble for us, but great news for the theaters!

Waiting in line, many people discussed how long it had been and how much they’d missed the experience of going to the movie theater.

“This is actually one of my first times I’ve been waiting on a movie to come out in theaters. I’m excited to get popcorn and a coke and be in the theater with people all excited about the same thing.”

Annilyn Warner

See for yourself

This year’s summer movie season, which kicks off with “Top Gun: Maverick,” will be a good report on the status and future of movie theaters, whose popularity was in decline even before the pandemic hit more than two years ago.

Have you missed the feeling of going to the movies? Get out and catch a movie at one of Birmingham’s many theaters:

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