We tried some of the most popular BBQ in Birmingham & picked our favorites [VIDEO]

BBQ in Birmingham
Let’s dig in, shall we? (Bham Now)

It’s National Barbecue Month, so our team wanted to taste test some of the most popular BBQ in Birmingham to find our favorites. We tried pulled pork sandwiches from our Bham Now Nowies barbecue finalists. Tag along as we sample them for ourselves—plus, watch the video to see our honest reactions and first bites.

Trying the tastiest BBQ in Birmingham 🌟

Tira, Jess and I have been sampling our way through some of our city’s most popular foodie options (like burgers and beer), and BBQ was hot on the list to try. Ben, our videographer, grabbed meals from some of Birmingham’s most popular BBQ spots according to the Bham Now Nowies. Then, we headed to Meet on Morris to have a blind taste test.

Here’s a look at the spots we tried for BBQ in Birmingham:

  • Saw’s Soul Kitchen
  • Full Moon
  • Jim ‘N Nick’s

As you’ll see, we loved these BBQ spots… but there are even more to try.

The final verdict 👇

Watch the video to see what we thought about each sandwich’s sauce, meat and sides. If you can’t wait to see our top picks, we’ve got you covered:

  • Tira: Full Moon BBQ
  • Jess: Jim ‘N Nick’s
  • Cecilia: Full Moon BBQ

Want to know our ratings for each sandwich and see the most popular sides? Watch the video for first bites.

What should we try next? Tag @BhamNow to let us know!

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