Meet the amazing locals fighting to stop Multiple Sclerosis forever


National MS Society
This year’s class of locals worked together to raise money for a cure to MS. (National MS Society)

Is anything more inspiring than seeing a group of people come together for one essential cause? That’s what happens every year with the National Multiple Sclerosis Society‘s (National MS Society) Leadership Class Birmingham. Several local leaders are a part of this year’s Leadership Class to raise funds and advocate for a world without MS. Find out why it matters and meet this year’s top fundraisers.

What is MS + what does the National MS Society do? 🌟

If you’re not familiar with Multiple Sclerosis (MS), here’s what you need to know.

  • MS is an autoimmune disease that causes the body’s immune system to attack its own tissues + mainly affects the central nervous system.
  • It causes visual impairment, muscle weakness + trouble with coordination
  • Nearly one million people in the US are living with MS.

MS doesn’t have a cure, but treatments can help speed recovery and manage symptoms. Plus, organizations like The National MS Society work to raise funds for research, provide programs and serves for people with MS, advocate for policies and more.

“The National MS Society takes a unique approach to solving the complex challenges of MS. We don’t just fund research—or provide programs and services. We don’t just advocate for policies that support people with MS—or raise awareness. We tackle these challenges from every angle—it’s a dynamic approach. Research, services and advocacy all work together to change lives of those affected by MS.”

National MS Society

The National MS Society’s work affects people right here—Jennifer Adams is one local diagnosed with MS who gives back through the National MS Society: Alabama, Louisiana and Mississippi chapter.

$66K to support the mission of the NMSS 👏

Every year, the National MS Society holds an MS Leadership Class for leaders in different cities. Throughout the MS Leadership Class, participants interact with top executives and sharpen their business skills… all while raising funds to benefit global MS research.

This year’s MS Leadership Class Birmingham raised $66,000 to contribute to a world without MS, but it doesn’t have to end there. You can donate to the 2022 MS Leadership Class Birmingham today.

Meet the 2022 Valedictorian + Honorary Chair 🏆

When people donate to fight MS, everyone wins—but of course, this was a challenge, so there are even more winners than that. Every year, the Leadership Class Birmingham has a valedictorian and chair.

Tim Harbison, Valedictorian

Tim Harbison
(Tim Harbison)

This year’s top fundraiser, Tim Harbison, is the MS Leadership Class Valedictorian. Beyond serving as a coordinator-engineer for Alabama Power Company, he serves in various ministries at Cross Bridge Church and volunteers for nonprofits like Shelby County BackPack Buddies and Rise against Hunger. Tim raised over $8,000 for the National MS Society—wow!

Charlie Baxley, Honorary Chair

Charlie Baxley, National MS Society chairperson
(Charlie Baxley)

With degrees from Auburn University and Cumberland School of Law, Charlie Baxley serves as Vice President of Legal and Risk Management for Hoar Construction. When he’s not at work, he volunteers his time with Mountain Brook Athletics and Scout Troop 53. Plus, he serves as a Deacon at Cahaba Park Church and as a board of trustee member for the AL/MS/LA Chapter of the MS Society!

It’s not too late to contribute to the MS Society’s missiondonate to the Leadership Class Birmingham now.

Want to learn more about the National MS Society? Check out their website and follow them on Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn and Twitter for updates.

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