Birmingham was just listed as one of the most expensive metro areas for commuters but don’t freak out just yet!

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Are you a commuter? Do you hate how expensive gas has gotten? The cheapest option seems to be walking or even trading in your car!

Don’t worry commuters, there’s a light at the end of the tunnel no matter what the list says.

Birmingham’s commute is how expensive?

According to a new study by Clever, a real estate company, Birmingham, AL was listed as one of the most expensive metro areas for commuters. The average annual fuel cost for Birmingham citizens is $924 and with gas prices on the rise, it can seem alarming. Clay Ingram, public relations and marketing manager at AAA Alabama says to fret not, it’s all about buying smart.

Everything isn’t what it seems

The average gas price for Birmingham is $4.18/gallon and the state average is $4.48/gallon, which is 28¢/gallon below the national average. According to Ingram, the state is located near an oil pipeline which makes the cost of gas cheaper in the city. You can take a breath of relief now, but you still need to know how to save.

Buy smarter even when convenience may be a factor

“It’s important that we price shop and find the cheapest option there is. Pay attention to what the cheapest options are.”

Clay Ingram, Public Relations and Marketing Manager, AAA Alabama

Ingram further expressed that commuters can mistakenly pay an increase of 40¢/gal if they don’t compare gas prices in the area. Although Birmingham’s gas prices are at an all-time high. It also means there is a huge variation in prices in the area which means there’s a chance you can find an even cheaper option than the city’s average. It just takes some seeking.

Seek and you will find

AAA Moblie App Birmingham was just listed as one of the most expensive metro areas for commuters but don't freak out just yet!
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A simple Google search can save you a lot of money and combat the connotation of Birmingham being the most expensive metro area for commuters. AAA actually has a mobile app that allows drivers to find gas stations with the lowest gas price within their vicinity, the app is free and can be used by non-AAA members and AAA members.

If you’re interested in saving money, download the AAA app here Apple | Andriod

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