Check out these locals with Magic City-inspired tattoos

Untitled design 13 Check out these locals with Magic City-inspired tattoos
In honor of Birmingham. (Bill Kugelberg, AJ Covey, Adam Booker)

It’s one thing to LOVE Birmingham, but it takes a whole new level of dedication to get a tattoo inspired by the city we call home. We asked our audience to show off their Birmingham-inspired ink, and it did not dissapoint.

Adam Booker

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Can you spot all the Bham landmarks? (Adam Booker)

With 36 years in Birmingham under his belt, Adam knows a thing or two about the city. His inspiration behind his Magic City tat involves the different architecture in Bham.

“I’ve always loved the city, I feel like it’s a little secret that gets looked over by a lot of people. I sell real estate, so when I was thinking about what I wanted, I knew it needed to at least touch on real estate, so this is what we came up with. I’ve been here my whole life and all of my family is here and while I LOVE to travel and get away, Birmingham always has been and always will be home!”

Adam Booker

Leslie Hannon

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Cue Wildflowers by Dolly Parton. (Leslie Hannon)

Leslie Hannon got a tattoo of wildflowers to symbolize Crestwood flowers and her time in The Magic City.

“I stepped totally out of my comfort zone to spend 4 years in Birmingham and I grew so much as a person. I’m so thankful for what it’s given me! I got these wildflowers to symbolize growing wherever I am (these are similar to some I see often on the streets of Crestwood)”

Leslie Hannon

Bill Kugelberg

Bill Kugelberg’s Samford-inspired tat holds multiple symbolic meanings close to his heart.

“I got this for two reasons—one is that my daughter is currently attending Samford University and our family loves the school. I also got it because I had a 10-year-old English Bulldog named Sam who passed away in January of 2021. So it’s a tribute to Sam and Samford! And we now have a one-year-old Bulldog named Buxley—he’s the students’ mascot at Samford!”

Bill Kugelberg

AJ Covey

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My kind of tattoo. (AJ Covey)

There are good wings, and there are wings so good they convert you from being vegan. Little Italy Pies and Pints has those wings.

“I was a vegetarian for three years and the Litty Wings at Little Italy’s in Five Points brought me back to the dark side…. the tattoo was done by Brandy Lee at Sweet Ink.”

AJ Covey

Get tatted in Bham

Feeling inspired by these Magic City superfans? Here are some local spots to get ink of your own:

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