Luxury hotel, spa and more coming to Patchwork Farms in Vestavia Hills—learn more

sibyl temple new Vestavia Hills hotel
Sybil Temple in Vestavia Hills, a classic neighborhood landmark. (Matthew Niblett / Bham Now)

Patchwork Farms in Vestavia Hills has some major projects on the horizon, including a new luxury hotel. But that’s not all! The upcoming development will also bring dining, event space, a spa and much more to the neighborhood. Read on for full details.

Patchwork Farms gets a luxury hotel—”The Alta”

The Alta, a luxury hotel coming to Vestavia Hills, is on its way, despite a few COVID-induced slowdowns. Expected to break ground later in 2022, the hotel will be located in the Patchwork Farms shopping center.

Christoper Architecture and Interiors will lead the project. The company defines themself as, “a luxury, high-end design firm specializing in Custom Residential, Boutique Commercial and Estate & Land Planning,” and they have a presence in Los Angeles, New York and Birmingham.

Construction is estimated to last about 24 months.

Bringing a luxury offering to Vestavia Hills

According to Vestavia Voice, the development is in response to steady economic growth in the area, and the hotel and subsequent businesses that come along with it are estimated to generate more than $2 billion in economic impact over a 10-year period.

Bonus: it presents an opportunity for Vestavia Hills to compete with neighboring luxury offerings, like Homewood’s Valley Hotel and Mountain Brook’s Grand Bohemian.

“Vestavia Hills really does not have a player in the portfolio that can compete with a Grand Bohemian or Valley Hotel. For Vestavia Hills to have this, it will give them a destination within city limits.”

—Chris Reebals, Christopher Architecture and Interiors to Vestavia Voice

What else is headed for Patchwork Farms?

But wait, there’s more! The development spans much more than the hotel alone. According to Vestavia Voice, it will also include a spa, pool, coffee shop and high-end restaurant, PLUS 10,000 square feet of conference and event space and luxury condominiums.

The condominiums are estimated to start in the low $800,000 price range, and tenants will have access to the hotel amenities.

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