5 simple springtime organization tips—local design experts get real


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Clean closets make for happy humans. (Closets by Design)

Spring is in bloom which means it’s time to get organized. I know, it can be a total pain, which is why I haven’t managed to it just yet. Oops! To make the process as simple as possible for you, we spoke with local organizing experts from Closets by Design. Read on for their must-know tips.

1. Think drawers

Closets by Design
Drawers for the win. (Closets by Design)

What is your main mode of bedroom organization? For many, it’s a large chest of drawers. Now, there’s a new trend popping up. Instead of a large chest of drawers in the bedroom, consider the convenience of having drawers built directly into your closet.

“This lets your closet serve as a one-stop shop to get ready because everything you need is conveniently located in one space.”

Cindy Dye, Sales Designer, Closets by Design

2. Thoughtful organization

It’s time to pack those winter sweaters away. (Dan Gold)

One of my favorite parts of spring’s arrival is saying so long to my winter wardrobe. The question is, how do you store all of those cold-weather clothing items like jackets and boots?

Closets by Design’s solution is to be thoughtful when organizing. Here’s how:

Make sure items are clean.

For both clothes and shoes, it’s important that all items are clean and dry before packing them away. Otherwise, you could be setting yourself up for a mess next winter.

“Make sure shoes and boots are wiped clean and free of any residue. And don’t forget to empty the pockets of coats and jackets before you clean them.”

Cindy Dye, Sales Designer, Closets by Design

Consider how much storage space you have.

Because winter clothing tends to be heavier and bulkier than other seasonal clothes, they take up more space. One solution is to store items in vacuum-sealed bags.

“These bags are readily available online. Simply fill the bags with bulky items and use a vacuum to suck out the air. You’ll be amazed at how neatly these bags stack and save on storage space.”

Cindy Dye, Sales Designer, Closets by Design

Label, label, label.

Ahh, labeling. Not only is it fun (just me?), but it’s one of the simplest organization tricks.

“Here in the South, the weather can change at any moment. Instead of rifling through boxes trying to find your favorite scarf (if the weather turns chilly again for a few days), proper labeling will ensure it’s easy to find.”

Cindy Dye, Sales Designer, Closets by Design

In need of spring time organization help? Visit Closets by Design’s website or call give them a call at 205.777.4000.

3. Use functional displays

Closets by Design
Organizational products make a huge difference. (Closets by Design)

Now that your winter wardrobe has been packed up and stored, it’s time for the fun part—filling and organizing your closet with springtime items.

For successful organization of accessories and clothing, consider using one of Closets by Design’s function display options. They include:

  • Scarf racks which extend and retract back into the closet system and provide a unique way to access scarves or ties.
  • Valet rods which extend and retract back into the system and can be added at any time. These rods allow you to display multiple pieces of an outfit to see how well the pieces coordinate.

“We also have options to display jewelry, as well as Lucite drawer and door fronts, which dress up the space and provide a clear view of the contents.”

Cindy Dye, Sales Designer, Closets by Design

4. Keep, discard, donate, repair

Closets by Design
Deciding what to keep and what to donate is helpful during spring organization. (Closets by Design)

Spring is the perfect time to do a purge of items you no longer wear or clothes that no longer fit your needs or your style. Closets by Design suggests honestly looking at each item in your closet and placing it into one of four categories:

  1. Keep (reserved for pieces you would still purchase today)
  2. Discard (if you haven’t worn it in the past two years)
  3. Donate or consign (if the item is still in good shape and you would like for someone else to make use of it)
  4. Repair or tailor (don’t just place it back in your closet—remember it’s taking up valuable space)

For items you decide to keep, have one of Closets by Design’s closet systems installed to keep everything neatly organized.

“One of the greatest advantages of our closet system is the flexibility and adjustability of the system. Make use of this flexibility. Reuse or purchase new baskets or decorative boxes for storing items. Since every component of our systems is adjustable, you can customize each space to fit the containers.”

Cindy Dye, Sales Designer, Closets by Design

What’s also great part about these systems is that they can be changed to better suit your needs at any time.

“If a client decides they do not need as much hanging space as originally anticipated, and would rather have more shelves, they simply call our office in Birmingham. Since we are local, we can quickly provide the new components for the customer to exchange.”

Cindy Dye, Sales Designer, Closets by Design

5. Tackle outdoor spaces with specially-designed products

Closets by Design
Don’t forget to organize your outdoor items. (Closets by Design)

Just like with your closet, spring is an ideal time to reevaluate your outdoor items. Gardening supplies, lawn equipment and tools are just some of the things causing your garage or shed to be cluttered and disorganized.

So how do you tackle it? Say hello to Closets by Design’s many organizational products. For sheds and garages, for instance, Closets by Design suggests their Design Wall.

“It’s a slatted wall that can be custom fit to any space and allows you to clearly see everything you have. They come in a range of colors, too.”

Cindy Dye, Sales Designer, Closets by Design

Closets by Design also offers great accessory kits like bins, hooks and baskets designed to hold everything from small nails and screws to bikes.

Want more spring organization inso? Visit Closets by Design’s website or call give them a call at 205.777.4000.

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