Tech innovation flourishes in Birmingham—register for DevOpsDays, April 18-19

red mountain theatre
Red Mountain Theatre (Jacob Blankenship / Bham Now)

Worldwide technical conference, DevOpsDays, is making its Birmingham debut Monday, April 18 – Tuesday, April 19 at Red Mountain Theatre Arts Campus.

This event is an amazing opportunity for the city to bring together people in the industry and advance industry growth and learning.

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What is DevOpsDays?

The two-day experience is run by local volunteers and consists of world-class talks and workshops on topics of software development, IT infrastructure operations and the intersection between them. It is the perfect opportunity for local technology practitioners, students and leaders to learn more about the industry as well as create community.

This event is made possible by the substantial support of the local tech community. Ed McLain, Mikhail Kozorovitskiy and Mykel Alvis have come together to bring this event to Birmingham with the help of local sponsors including Fetch, Ahead, Datalus, Adtrad, Stratusgrid and Digital Motion Event Services, as well as Cloudbees, TrendMicro and AWS.

Ed McLain, co-organizer of the Birmingham AWS meetup, believes this will be a good move for the Birmingham tech community.

“This is an amazing opportunity for the Birmingham area and will help increase global awareness of our growing Tech industry, as it normally pulls in attendees from the surrounding region.” 

Ed McLain, Local IT Architect, Entrepreneur and Problem Solver

What to expect

DevOpsDays Birmingham will feature over 20 speakers from all over the country. Attendees can expect to leave with new knowledge of the industry’s latest trends, practices and skills.

The event will take place at the Red Mountain Theatre Arts Campus, so attendees will be able to enjoy the recently-renovated space. Be prepared to indulge in complementary tasty meals as you network with the DevOps community.

Why Birmingham?

Birmingham may be 150 this year, but the Magic City is looking better than ever! Photo by Libby Foster for Bham Now.
The Magic City is looking better than ever! (Libby Foster / Bham Now)

One of only 16 cities in America announced to host DevOpsDays events this year, Birmingham is making a name for itself as a technology-focused community. Bringing DevOps to Birmingham will help to build a better, closer and stronger tech community.

The conference will benefit the city and its tech industry as well as continue to keep Birmingham on the tech community map. Mikhail Kozorovitskiy, CEO of Datalus, has two goals for the event.

“Internally, it is about encouraging learning and increasing the overall DevOps knowledge of local teams in order to help our talent better compete at a global level, especially in the current remote working environment…The second, external goal is to put Birmingham on the ‘DevOps’ map. DevOps is the core of automation and focuses on the ability to deliver functional and innovative software.”

Mikhail Kozorovitskiy, CEO, Datalus and Organizer, Birmingham Area Software Enthusiasts (BASE)


If you want to learn the latest about the tech industry, there’s no better way to do it than attending DevOpsDays. Here are the details you need to secure your spot:

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