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LAH Real Estate
Antoinette and Fulton, two agents with LAH Real Estate. (Nathan Watson / Bham Now)

Did you know that the local real estate firm LAH Real Estate is celebrating their 30th anniversary this year? We spoke with two agents—Antoinette Flowers and Fulton Williams—to learn more.

Antoinette Flowers

LAH Real Estate
Antoinette Flowers standing in front of the Starbucks Coffee Building in Mountain Brook, which was the original home office of LAH Real Estate. (Nathan Watson / Bham Now)

If anyone knows LAH Real Estate inside and out, it’s Antoinette Flowers. Born and raised in Demopolis, Antoinette made the move to Birmingham when her husband got a job for U.S. Steel. After directing a daycare and teaching pre-school for a number of years, Antoinette heard from a friend that one of her faculty advisors from the University of Alabama was starting a new real estate company in Birmingham—of course, she was interested.

“I knew Jim Lawrence from his time as an English professor at the University of Alabama, and I grew up in sales with my family’s retail business. I ended up taking real estate classes under Jim and got my license in 1992, and I’ve been with LAH Real Estate since!”

Antoinette ended up joining the LAH Real Estate team a month after it officially started, in March of 1992. Back then, LAH Real Estate wasn’t the widely-known name it is today. For starters, the team worked out of a small building in Mountain Brook Village—where the Starbucks is now. Although there was a lot of work, there was more camaraderie and all employees worked hard to help each other out when needed.

“Our first office was so small, but we were able to fit all our residential and commercial agents in that one space and we all got to know each other so well. I had a 15-year-old and a four-year-old at the time, and sometimes I’d have to bring my four-year-old in with me; he’d sit on my lap while I would work. I remember when I wrote my first contract, the other agents were right by my side to answer any questions I had.”

Part of the LAH Real Estate team in the 1990s, including Antoinette (top row, second from the right). (LAH Real Estate)

Over the years, LAH Real Estate has definitely grown; from a small office off Cahaba Road to five offices throughout Birmingham and one in Florida. But some aspects never change.

“Agent education has always been the top priority at LAH Real Estate from the very beginning. We call ourselves a family and the company still has that family feel. It is so easy to get in touch with anyone you need, whether it’s management, support staff or even the CEO & President.”

After nearly 30 years with LAH Real Estate, Antoinette is still looking forward to what’s in store with the company.

“I’m excited to see LAH Real Estate continue to grow, with new agents and offices and listings. But I know that, no matter what, that personal touch that I’ve always admired will still be a big part of the LAH Real Estate experience.”

Fulton Williams

LAH Real Estate
Fulton Williams. (Nathan Watson / Bham Now)

Fulton Williams has been an official employee of LAH Real Estate for a little under two years, but don’t let that fool you; he’s been a part of the LAH Real Estate family since he was born. Since Fulton’s father has been with LAH Real Estate since 1994, Fulton has grown up with the company & attended nearly every event. But it wasn’t until 2020 that he became an official part of the LAH Real Estate team.

“I graduated from the University of Alabama with a Business Degree in Entrepreneurship and a specialization in New Venture Finance. Of course, I graduated right at the beginning of the pandemic, so I went to work at a company that sanitizes buildings. I was working early mornings and late nights, but in the middle of the day I was taking my real estate courses. I had a nice stable income and I was able to dip my toe in the water of real estate to see if this was something I could really do long-term.

I’ve always had an idea in the back of my mind that real estate was something I wanted to do, but I really didn’t realize how exciting it was until I got my license. You’d think that being around the real estate environment all my life would have pushed me away, but I truly love doing what we do. It’s almost like I’ve been on the sidelines my whole life; now, I get to wear the jersey.

As one of the newest members of the LAH Real Estate team, Fulton is excited to see what the next 30 years will bring.

“I want to continue to grow the company and to serve the people and communities that we have for so long. When you represent LAH, there is a certain level of integrity that people in the community—clients, other agents and other companies—expects from you. I want to hold myself and my coworkers to that standard and continue being a true representation for our buyers and sellers.”

Celebrating 30 years of LAH Real Estate

LAH Real Estate
LAH Real Estate is celebrating their 30th anniversary this year. (Nathan Watson / Bham Now)

Whether you’re buying or selling a home, you can learn more by reaching out to Antoinette, Fulton or any of the agents at LAH Real Estate’s offices throughout Birmingham.

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