UPDATE: Town Hall development & 600+ additional single-family homes approved for The Bray in Liberty Park

The Bray Birdseye View UPDATE: Town Hall development & 600+ additional single-family homes approved for The Bray in Liberty Park
A Bird’s-eye view of the proposed development. (GMC)

A major commercial development and more than 600 new single-family homes are coming to The Bray in Liberty Park, according to Vestavia Voice. This comes after some Vestavia Hills residents voiced their concerns about the development. Keep reading to learn more about The Bray Town Center and what’s next for Liberty Park.

All about The Bray project

Mountain Brook
Liberty Park has been compared to the English Village community in Mountain Brook. (Pat Byington/Bham Now)

Liberty Park, a 4,000-acre master-planned community in Vestavia Hills, includes neighborhoods, retail and dining, outdoor recreation and more. The Bray, located in the heart of Liberty Park, is a proposed 700-acre mixed-use development, designed to bring green space, retail, hospitality, restaurants and plenty of amenities to the community.

According to John Bonanno, vice president of Daniel Communities’ Liberty Park Management Team, it’s comparable to communities like Lane Parke and English Village, where you don’t have to leave the area to find what you need.

On Monday, March 14, the Vestavia Hills City Council approved plans for The Bray Town Center and over 600 additional single-family homes for Liberty Park.

The proposed town center is a 102,000-square-foot development with a hotel, restaurants, specialty retail and a mix of general businesses that are expected to bring in $307M in city and county revenues over the course of 25 years.

Liberty Park Joint Venture is now entitled to build 870 multi-family units in the area, including apartments, townhomes and more. 270 of these units will be luxury apartments, with the rest being age-restricted residences for active adults. A total of 1,882 new homes are to be built in Liberty Park.

These units allow for Liberty Park to be “multigenerational” with its living spaces, with the ability to move from a single-family home to a multi-family home and beyond to senior living in one community.

School system changes

Some residents of the Vestavia Hills community have previously voiced their concerns at public hearings about the development, especially regarding its impact on the Vestavia Hills school system. According to their website, the City and Liberty Park Joint Ventures have worked on an agreement that is sensitive to community concerns.

Part of the recently approved development agreement includes a donation of 15 acres of land to the Vestavia Hills City School System for future use. According to Superintendent Todd Freeman, The Bray + Liberty Park developments will add about 1,000 students to Vestavia City Schools.

He added that in the future, there will be a need to build a new elementary school and expand Liberty Park Middle School, however, Vestavia Hills High School will remain as is.

Next steps

According to Vestavia Voice, the plan is set to begin as soon as possible, breaking ground this spring or early summer. Land work is estimated to be completed within 12 months.

Daniel Communities will continue to communicate with residents through the homeowners association throughout the project’s completion.

For the latest updates on the development, including project history, visit the City Council’s website. Additionally, you can voice your questions, comments or concerns about the development here, and the City will work to respond.

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