Alabama spay/neuter receives massive $100,000 donation—learn more

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The donation will support Alabama animals, like Tank. (Madison Croxson / Bham Now)

Alabama spay/neuter (ALSN) is ready to celebrate National Spay Day on February 22, thanks to a generous donation from VPFunds and local philanthropist Ken Jackson. Read on for full details on this important contribution and how it will serve Alabama animals.

$100,000 donation to Alabama spay/neuter

In honor of National Spay Day on February 22, Ken Jackson and VPFunds have awarded $100,000 to ALSN. This money will go toward increasing the number of low-cost surgeries for dogs and cats in need.

Last year, ALSN performed 16,000 procedures to help alleviate overpopulation and overcrowding in local shelters. In 2022, (with the help of this donation), they’re aiming for 20,000 surgeries.

“Our animal shelters continue to be overrun due to the overpopulation of companion animals in our area. Tragically, many healthy, adoptable dogs and cats are euthanized due to overcrowding. Spaying and neutering is the best way to prevent this, and the sustainable, humane solution to this problem. This generous support from VPFunds and Ken Jackson is a tremendous boost to helping solve our community’s homeless pet problem. The numerous surgeries their gift covers will save countless lives.”

—Mark Nelson, Executive Director, ALSN

Who is Ken Jackson?

alabama spay/neuter
Ken Jackson and his beloved pup, Remy. (Ken Jackson)

No stranger to helping Alabama animals, local philanthropist Ken Jackson is well-known for his contributions to our community. He is also the founder of the Remy Fund for pets and animal services at the Community Foundation of Greater Birmingham, named in honor of his beloved pup, Remy (shown above). Does Remy sound familiar? Perhaps you’re thinking of his namesake dog park at Red Mountain Park, also a generous donation from Mr. Jackson.

He’s come together with VPFunds, an organization that supports many Birmingham non-profits that emphasize “kindness, consideration, and common sense.”

Why you should spay/neuter

So, what’s the big deal with spay/neuter and why is it so important? According to ALSN, when animals are not spayed or neutered, it can contribute to the growing problem of animal overpopulation across our community. This, unfortunately, can lead to the euthanization of healthy, adoptable animals due to overcrowding.

Spaying and neutering is the most humane and cost-effective way to address this problem, which is why Ken Jackson and VPFunds jumped in to help the cause.

How to help

Looking for a way to help Alabama’s animals? Consider making a donation on ALSN’s website.

If your pets are not spayed or neutered, they make it easy to set up an appointment, and provide detailed information on post-op care and FAQs, too.

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