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American advertising awards
Who will win a coveted “ADDY” award? (Angelica Lyublinskaya)

The American Advertising Awards will honor Birmingham creative talent on Friday, February 18. Expect to admire innovative local campaigns while you sip on cocktails at the enchanting gala. Dress to impress—the Black Tie event takes on a “Secret Garden meets Bridgerton” theme this year. Read on to purchase your tickets today.

All the details—the American Advertising Awards

A special evening for all. (AMD Creative)

You don’t want to miss this evening of creative celebration. So, bust out that dress or dust off your tux that you stuffed in the back of your closet waaay back in 2019.

With your ticketed entry, you’ll get to see the local creative campaigns up for “ADDY” awards, and will enjoy delicious local bites and cocktails. Rumor has it there might be some dancing, too…

What’s up for grabs?

american advertising
Proud “ADDY” award winners. (Angelica Lyublinskaya)

Each year, the American Advertising Federation hosts an award ceremony and gala to commemorate local talent. A three-tiered competition that begins at the local level, it’s a chance to recognize Birmingham’s brightest creative minds!

Professionals and students can win an “ADDY” award from the American Advertising Federation in a number of diverse categories, including things like:

  • Collateral material
  • Sales promotion
  • Television advertising
  • Websites
  • and much, much more

“The End is only the beginning”

You don’t want to miss this party. (Angelica Lyublinskaya)

If you’re not already on board, wait until you hear more about the theme. You didn’t think Birmingham’s most creative folks would be honored with a boring party, did you?

The theme is symbolic and represents the rebirth of creative energy and work throughout the pandemic era. The event space will be transformed into a Secret Garden so you can live out your Wildest Dreams Taylor Swift-style, and immerse yourself into the world of Bridgerton. Think enchanting, engaging and completely over-the-top.

“The American Advertising Awards 2022 will be a night from your wildest dreams. The theme for this year is The End is only the Beginning. The world has changed, and we are ready to adapt…this is our year of revitalisation and redfining of what it is like to work as a creative in Birmingham. We are excited to celebrate the amazing work the creative community has put together over the past year in these uncertain times. AAF Birmingham has been working hard to create a fun and safe night for the creative community to let loose and celebrate their wins. We hope you all will join us for a night of awards, photo-ops, dancing and festivities!”

—Adelaide Matte, AAF American Advertising Awards Chair, VP

Grab your tickets to this year’s event on AAF Birmingham’s website. We’ll see you there!

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