Gov. Kay Ivey announces I-59 in Trussville to be widened to 6 lanes—find out more

Trussville drivers are gonna want to hear this. (Jacob Blankenship/Bham Now)

Great news, Jefferson County drivers! Gov. Kay Ivey announced that the I-59 from Chalkville Mountain Road to I-459 is getting expanded to six lanes in a new major project. Keep reading for what we know about this exciting announcement.

New year, new road

In the annual State of the State address on Jan. 11th, Gov. Kay Ivey announced plenty of highly anticipated new projects for the coming year. One that spells less congestion for your commute is the expansion of the I-59 from Chalkville Mountain Road to I-459.

The road currently has only four lanes and is plagued with frequent gridlock, causing frustration for many drivers. We asked June Mathews, Executive Director at the Trussville Area Chamber of Commerce, what this new expansion means for your commute.

Once the project gets started, it’ll mean some inconvenience for a while, as any road project of that magnitude will…but adding two more lanes should ultimately improve the flow of traffic along what’s been a heavily traveled stretch of roadway for a long time. This would naturally make driving in that area a less stressful experience.

June Mathews, Executive Director, Trussville Area Chamber of Commerce

There has not been a start date set for this major project.

Safer roads ahead

Due to the frequent heavy traffic, crashes and even tragic fatalities have occurred on this road. In December, a Hoover man was killed in a car accident on the road due to construction traffic.

Hopefully, this expansion can provide some much needed relief for local drivers.

Ivey also mentioned The West Alabama Corridor in her address, which aims to connect Mobile to Tuscaloosa with a four-lane highway.

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