Prosper and Acclinate launch new health and wellness website

Screen Shot 2022 02 03 at 11.48.00 AM Prosper and Acclinate launch new health and wellness website
This new website will change access to health and wellness in Jefferson County. Photo via Prosper Birmingham

There will soon be a smoother path to health and wellness for the Greater Birmingham community. Prosper and Acclinate partnered together to bring an online website to promote easier access to health resources for minorities and underserved communities. Keep reading for the details.

Introducing B-Included by Prosper and Acclinate

Photo via Prosper Birmingham

Birmingham-based company Acclinate and community coalition, Prosper have partnered to launch a new health-focused website. Their newly launched website, B-Included, is an online website created for Jefferson County residents. B-Included is a portal designed to reduce minority health disparities and increase access to resources and supportive services to help remove health-related barriers to employment.

According to the press release, Co-Founder of Acclinate Tiffany Whitlow says that B-Included is a full resource that offers activities, connection, stories, shared experiences and engagement in a way that feels safe and authentic. The website provides a community for the community.

“B-Included is needed to move the needle toward health and wealth because it is one of very few resources, directly engaging communities of color, that knows what those communities need, how they think and why and how they can best be reached.”

Tiffany Whitlow, Co-Founder, AcclinateTM via press release

Prosper is more than happy to be working with Acclinate on this

Prosper appears to be more than happy to be working with Acclinate on this launch seeing as the company supports Prosper’s mission.

“For Prosper to be successful we have to be sure we’re working with the community. Our collaboration with Acclinate, a great Birmingham-based business startup helping meet health needs and connecting people to resources leading to gainful employment, is one way we’re intentionally partnering to assist black-owned businesses and small businesses. When we’re able to do this, we’ll be living out our vision to grow Birmingham and Jefferson county’s economy in an inclusive way.”

J.W. Carpenter, President, Prosper

This partnership is supported by members of the Board of Directors that are championing the HealthTech strategy. Those members include:

  • Mark Crosswhite—CEO of Alabama Power
  • Tim Vines—CEO of Blue Cross Blue Shield
  • Lee Styslinger—Co-Chairman of Altec Industries
  • Ray Watts—President of University of Alabama at Birmingham (UAB)

The Prosper and Acclinate initiative is also pairing with existing efforts at UAB, UAB Marnix E. Heersink School of Medicine, and Cooper Green to improve community health outcomes and will utilize Live HealthSmart demonstration zones as some of the first neighborhoods to benefit from the B-Included platform.

You can sign up to become a part of the B-Included online community here.

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