Take a walk through the 4th Ave Business District and discover 5 amazing murals

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4th Avenue Business District
There’s a lot of art on 4th Ave you probably didn’t know about. (Bham Now)

Have you walked around Birmingham’s 4th Avenue Business District lately? This historic district is seeing tremendous growth, and some amazing murals have been popping up thanks to our city’s talented artists. Want to check out the art for yourself? Here’s your guide to 5 murals in the area.

1. Moving Forward Mural I @elcreativ.e

4th Ave Business District murals
Go check out the colorful Moving Forward Mural. Photo via Bham Now

This vibrant abstract mural can be found across from the historic Carver Theater on 4th Ave North. It represents the recent growth happening in the 4th Avenue Business District.

2. Carrie Tuggle Mural I @iam_jamietheartist

A unique and dimensional 4th Ave Business District mural. Photo via Bham Now

This mural is one of two new temporary murals that were painted in the 4th Avenue Historic District. While the building hosting these murals has plans to be torn down, you’ll still have a chance to see the art for many years to come. These paintings were done on canvas, so if you can’t catch a look at them in their current spot you will still be able to enjoy them once they’re moved to a new location later.

You may be wondering who this mysterios women is staring at your from the wall. That would be Carrie Tuggle, who created Tuggle Institute, a boarding school for orphaned Black kids and juvenile defendants. She is also the woman behind the creation of the juvenile court system in Jefferson County.

  • Location: 4th Ave N between 16th and 17th St N

3. Angela Davis Mural I @elcreativ.e

4th Ave Business District
Go see this 4th Avenue Business District mural honoring a female activist of our city. Photo via Bham Now

This is the second of the two temporary murals that sits right next to the Carrie Tuggle mural. It depicts Birmingham native, Angela Davis. An activist, professor and author, Davis was a powerful force and speaker in our society.

4. Nelson’s Mural I @elcreativ.e

Another beautiful mural outside Nelson Brother’s Cafe. Photo via Bham Now

You can spot this mural on the side of Nelson Brother’s Cafe. It is one of many new bright murals that can be found in the 4th Ave Business District.

5. Street Murals I @elcreativ.e + community

street mural
One of several street art murals at the intersection of 4th Ave N and 17th St N. Photo via Magic City Murals

This is one of several musical-themed murals you can spot around 4th Avenue in downtown Birmingham. This project was designed by a popular artist of the area, Erica L. Chisom, but was actually painted by the community. We love seeing our community get creative!

Did we miss any of your favorite murals in the 4th Ave Business District? Let us know by tagging us @bhamnow.

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