It’s National Espresso Day and we can’t begin to espresso our love for these 5 Birmingham desserts

north itlaia
Don’t be depresso because we have the best espresso desserts around for you. Photo via North Italia’s Facebook

Today, November 23, is National Espresso Day, and we’re celebrating with five of the best espresso-themed treats around Birmingham. So, go satisfy your sweet tooth and caffeine cravings all in one by trying these delicious desserts.

1. Tiramisu—Bettola

A tiramisu that will make you feel like you’re in Italy. Photo via Bettola’s Facebook

If you’ve never tried the sweet, creamy coffee heaven that is tiramisu, you need to change that today. The tiramisu at Bettola is the best around, with espresso drenched ladyfinger cookies, smooth mascarpone and a chocolate dusting. I get this dessert every time I dine at Bettola, and it never disappoints.

2. Chocolate Espresso Cheesecake—Continental Bakery

continental bakery
The cheesecake of my dreams. Photo via Continental Bakery

If you’re a fan of cheesecake, this is the espresso dessert for you. Continental Bakery makes their cheesecakes fresh in-house, and this one is topped with a Belgian chocolate espresso ganache. Talk about the ultimate sweet treat.

3. Affogato—Innova Coffee

National Espresso Day
Fresh espresso poured over ice cream—yum. Photo via Unsplash/Tabitha Turner

Espresso meets ice cream in this traditional Italian dessert. An Affogato is a creamy cup of ice cream topped with steaming hot espresso to create the perfect sweet treat while giving you a caffeine buzz. If you ever wanted to have ice cream for breakfast, an Affogato is your excuse to go for it.

4. Espresso Martini—North Italia

National Espresso Day
Espresso cocktails anyone? Photo via Unsplash/Kike Salazar

This dessert is for our 21+ crowd. Coffee and alcohol sound like a match made in heaven, and you can enjoy both with an Espresso Martini from North Italia. Vodka, Caffè Borghetti, Averna and black walnut come together to make this boozy coffee cocktail.

Their decadent tiramisu is also a must-try espresso dessert that is a favorite of mine.

National Espresso Day
Add some caffeine to your cookie dough and you’re good to go. Photo via Cookie Dough Magic on Facebook

Cookie Dough Magic’s caffeinated cookie dough is chock-full of espresso and sweet chocolate chips. This is a go-to choice for lovers of both cookie dough and coffee, and what better day to try it out than National Espresso Day.

What are your favorite espresso treats in Birmingham? Let us know by tagging us @bhamnow.

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