Samford University and Miles College’s new unique partnership—the MISA Collaborative

The MISA Collaborative in action at Crumbs from the Table of Joy.
Crumbs from the Table of Joy is Samford and Miles College’s first MISA production. Photo via Nathan Watson for Bham Now

Samford University School of the Arts and Miles College banded together to create the MISA Collaborative. Talk about a stellar collaboration! This partnership is an intersection of creativity and community for the two institutions. Learn how this collaboration encourages culturally significant arts and humanities opportunities.

The MISA Collaborative supports creative projects

The MISA Collaborative is a unique collaboration between Samford Arts and Miles College. This partnership is a way for the students from each campus to:

  • Interact with artists of various genres
  • Engage together in arts and cultural exhibits
  • Participate in arts related workshops
  • Present works that help tell the story of diversity contributions in our community

“Two years ago, a group of Samford students came together to advocate for increasing diversity in our presentations across the School of the Arts. With the support and encouragement of administration they created a Diversity Series, featuring contributions from all arts areas.”

Mark Castle, Chair, Samford’s Department of Theatre and Dance

On Saturday, October 30 this collaboration officially begins. A formal signing will happen before Crumbs from the Table of Joy, which is the first production under the MISA Collaborative.

Want to see Crumbs from the Table of Joy? The production runs through Sunday, October 31 and you can grab your tickets now.

Inspiring community engagement

Another integral piece of the MISA Collaborative is engaging students in the Birmingham and Fairfield communities. Alabama Power and The Daniel Foundation awarded the two institutions with community grants. So, these grants will support the students’ community work.

“Higher education institutions must not remain insulated from communities. Students who are immersed in their own racial or ethnic culture need variety in their lives. They need to learn of the rich cultures each group possesses and that which the groups have in common.”

Dr. Bala Baptiste, Chair of Communications, Miles College

Are you seeing the MISA Collaborative’s first production, Crumbs from the Table of Joy, this weekend? Let us know on Instagram.

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