Have the spookiest house in the neighborhood with these easy Halloween decor tips


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Have you seen a house as decorated as this? Photo via Nathan Watson for Bham Now

Halloween is so close, you can almost hear your doorbell ring followed by a, “Trick or Treat!” Is your home ready for the crowd of Trick-or-Treaters in your neighborhood? If not, we’ve put together several tips to help get your home ready just in time for the spookiest night of the year!

We turned to JanieMac Roe, Halloween enthusiast and Realtor at LAH Real Estate, to learn some handy Halloween decorating tips!

Meet JanieMac Roe, Resident Halloween Expert

LAH Real Estate
JanieMac Roe standing in front of her famously-decorated home in Mountain Brook. Photo via Nathan Watson for Bham Now

According to our friends at LAH Real Estate, one of their agents—JanieMac Roe—is famous for “going all-out” when it comes to decorating for Halloween. So, of course we had to plan a visit out to JanieMac’s home in Mountain Brook to see for ourselves.

How long have you been decorating your home for Halloween?

JanieMac: “I’ve been going all-out with Halloween decorations ever since I’ve owned a home—so, about 15 years now. Unfortunately, we don’t get too many trick-or-treater’s in our neighborhood, but I put up the decorations anyway. It’s a good excuse to throw a Halloween party for the kids!”

What are your favorite Halloween decorations?

JanieMac: “My all-time favorite part is my graveyard, and it’s actually a funny story. When we bought this place, we found that the previous owner’s had left their handmade Halloween decorations under the house, including 4 or 5 of the fake headstones. Years later, I’m still using those headstones—I’ve even added a few of my own!”

LAH Real Estate
The cemetery is one of JanieMac’s favorite Halloween decorations. Photo via Nathan Watson for Bham Now

How long does it take to set up all of your decorations? What new decorations have you added this year?

JanieMac: “To get started, I’ll spend a weekend setting up the cemetery, the caution tape, the spider webs and all. Then, when I have any free time, I’ll add in other decorations and tweak things until I’m happy with it. I try to be done by October 16th, which is my son’s birthday, because he always wants a Halloween-themed party!

This year, we added a lot of inflatables—the eyeballs and the two spiders. We also added new lights around the house, all solar powered. We also picked up skeleton dogs, spiders and bats—those were pieces my kids wanted us to get!”

JanieMac’s Halloween Decor Tips

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It’s a whole skeleton family! Photo via Nathan Watson for Bham Now

If you’re on a budget, don’t fret—you DON’T need to spend a ton of money to decorate your home.

JanieMac: “There are a lot of really great Halloween decorations you can DIY! I do have store-bought decorations, but I also have a lot of decorations I’ve made and collected over the years. You can find a ton of inspiration on Pinterest for DIY decor!”

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With just a projector and thin fabric sheets, you can make your own Halloween Hologram! Photo via Nathan Watson for Bham Now

Some of JanieMac’s favorite ideas?

  • Halloween Holograms: Use a projector to project pre-recorded spooky animations (like this!) onto a thin fabric sheet, placed in front of your doorway.
  • Fake Dead Bodies: Use trash bags, duct tape and packing paper to make a human-like shape and stick a shovel in the ground for a little extra decor.
  • Cobweb Bushes: Halloween cobweb decor is super cheap—a couple of dollars per bag. Wrap it around trees and bushes & stick a spider in the bushes for a spooky look!
  • Caution Tape: Just like the cobweb bushes, Caution Tape is an easy & cheap way to spruce up your decorations! Simply wrap it around trees to make it look like a crime scene!

Make Your House the Spookiest on the Block this Year

LAH Real Estate
These inflatable spiders are as spooky as they are large! Photo via Nathan Watson for Bham Now

Whether you’re looking for decor tips or hoping to get your home ready to sell, the experts at LAH Real Estate—like JanieMac Roe—are here to help!

Reach out to the team at your local branch to get started:

As for JanieMac?

“I’m going to make my Halloween decorations better every year. I want this house to be known as the Halloween House of Mountain Brook! Next year, I’m planning to add more to the cemetery—big, spooky spiders. I also want to set up a big hologram, so I can have skeletons dancing in our front yard!”

JanieMac Roe

How will you decorate your house this Halloween? Tag us @bhamnow with all your favorite pics!

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