New local Sci-Fi movie filmed entirely in Alabama [details]

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Local talent is on the rise in Birmingham. Photo via Scruffy Chandelier Productions

Movie buffs, this one’s for you. The world premiere of a local science fiction film, produced by Scruffy Chandelier Productions, will air online Friday, October 29th. Guess what else…it was filmed entirely in the state of Alabama. Keep reading for all the details and behind the scenes photos.

What is Scruffy Chandelier Productions?

What do you think will happen in this film? Photo via Scruffy Chandelier Productions

Scruffy Chandelier Productions (SCP) were happy to announced the world premiere of their new science fiction movie, SCP D-Classified, this week. SCP is a film brand based in Birmingham that specializes in content including:

  • PSAs
  • Educational films
  • Documentaries
  • Narratives

SCP D-Classified is one of the first live action feature films set in the world of the SCP Foundation. It follows Omar Minhaj, a death row inmate imprisoned by a top-secret organization known as the SCP Foundation (Secure, Contain and Protect).

The deets on SCP D-Classified

sci-fi film
Looks like Omar is in some trouble. Photo via Scruffy Chandelier Productions

In the film, the SCP Foundation is responsible for capturing, containing and studying supernatural objects and creatures for the protection of the entire human race. Omar serves as one of the expendable human test subjects utilized to study dangerous entities of interest.

While Omar is unable to remember much about his life prior to his imprisonment or what act he could have done to lead him here, he believes that one mysterious figure from his past may be the key to finding out why he was incarcerated

Birmingham has great undiscovered talent

alabama sci-fi film
Did you know that the producer was a STEM student from UAB? Photo via Scruffy Chandelier Productions

This movie was filmed entirely in Alabama through a funded Kickstarter campaign starring local rising talent. The actors include:

  • Faaiz Saad as Omar Minhaj
  • Payton Donalson as Iris Thompson
  • Daniel Moorer as Andres Wilson

SCP D-Classified introduces a unique narrative to the fictional universe and the company hopes that fan and those unfamiliar will enjoy this dark and thrilling tale.

The film will be released online on Friday, October 29 and available to stream on the Morbid Memories YouTube channel for FREE.

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