8 fitness classes around Birmingham to try for a fit fall

man with boxing gloves and hat
That’s the face of a satisfying workout. Photo by Lauren Bedford for Bham Now

Why wait for the New Year to start on your fitness journey? Check out this list of six fitness classes you can check out around Birmingham to have a fit fall.

1. UFit and F45

uab urec f45 class
Have a fit fall with F45. Photo via UAB URec Instagram

Did you know the UAB Campus Recreation Center is open to more than just UAB students? Anyone affiliated with UAB can register for a URec membership and join the fun! Check out their UFit classes including power yoga, cardio kickboxing, Zumba and more as well as F45 (Functional 45) classes. With a variety of classes throughout each day, it’s easy to find a new way to get moving every day. Oh yeah, they also have a rock climbing wall!


2. True Battle

people boxing outside during fit fall
Boxing is great way to fight away the fall chills. Photo by Lauren Bedford for Bham Now

You’ve probably heard of boxing gym Battle Republic and True 40 studio but, what about True Battle? True Battle is the FREE collab class between Battle Republic and True 40. Expect a fun, full-body workout that’ll connect your mind and body.


3. Fight Night Hip Hop Cardio Boxing

boxing gloves
This is GrindHouse’s first boxing class. Photo via Unsplash

For a different type of workout, check out GrindHouse’s Fight Night boxing class. In this beginner-friendly class, you’ll go 12 rounds learning boxing techniques to energetic hip hop music. Grab a few friends and check it out.


4. AX3 and Ignite

fit fall ax3 class at amped fitness
This AX3 class is perfect for beginners and pros. Photo via Amped Fitness Instagram

For you early risers and post-work fitness lovers, AX3 and Ignite classes are perfect for you. AX3 combines spin, strength and rowing exercises in one hour-long class. Ignite classes are HIIT boxing sessions that get your heart pumping and calories burning. Either one you choose will leave you feeling ready to take on the world.


5. 24e Classes

fit fall 24e class workout
24e has a variety of class types. Photo via 24e Instagram

24e is a gym, fitness center and health club all in one. With membership, you can join their group fitness, yoga and cycling classes. Don’t worry about the kiddos— while you work out, they can hang out in the kidz zone. 24e locations are in downtown Birmingham, Hoover, Trussville, Gardendale and Pelham.


6. Hotworx Classes

fit fall hotworx class
The upcoming cool weather will make you run to Hotworx. Photo via Hotworx Hoover Instagram

With fall finally here and cooler temps right around the corner, Hotworx is the perfect place to keep warm this fit fall. Classes such as hot HIIT, hot yoga and hot cycle are held in temperature-adjustable infrared saunas where you work out and sweat out. My recommendation? Hot pilates to strengthen your core. Make sure to bring plenty of water— you’ll need it.


7. Orangetheory

man and woman in orangetheory class
Rowing, cardio and strength training oh my! Photo via Bham Now

Orangetheory classes are the perfect place to sweat the stress away. During their HIIT workouts, you’ll be so busy focused on moving you won’t have time to think about your day. Workouts combine rowing, cardio and strength training for a well-rounded session.


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8. Ignite Cycle

Ignite Cycle heats up Mountain Brook with a new location opening
Think you’re in good shape? Try a cycling class. Photo via Bham Now

At Ignite Cycle, the lights are low and the music high. These cardio-packed sessions are a great way to kick off your day with lots of energy. Whether you’re new to cycling or a pro, instructors will make sure you have a great time and work up a sweat.


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