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Great news for teachers everywhere. Photo via Blue Cross and Blue Shield of Alabama, Brian DeMarco

Thanks to the generosity and partnership of Blue Cross and Blue Shield of Alabama, a new educational asset is here. The “Live Healthy, Play Global” toolkit incorporates themes from The World Games 2022 to keep learning fun, active and relevant. Read on for the full scoop + access to this FREE educational resource.

Making learning fun, active and relevant

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Students will learn exciting new activities, like Swedish floor ball. Photo via Sonia Kerrigan for Bham Now

ICYMI—The World Games 2022 and Blue Cross and Blue Shield of Alabama unveiled this unprecedented initiative on September 9, 2021. 40 local educators came together to develop the toolkit, and their hard work certainly paid off.

Designed for children from kindergarten through fifth grade (but fun for just about everybody), the kit is centered around The World Games 2022. Math, science, social studies and physical education materials are available within the kit and help teachers build lesson plans focused on the 34 different sports and participating countries.

Fun for all—toolkit prioritizes accessibility

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Accessibility means fun for ALL! Photo via Sonia Kerrigan for Bham Now

Designed to bring global, innovative education to anyone with an internet connection, the initiative made accessibility a priority.

In addition, the kit was designed with 36 individual lessons—one for each week of the school year. This allows teachers to integrate lessons on different countries, sports and customs, leading up to The World Games 2022!

“Our company is focused on empowering Alabamians to live the healthiest life possible and this includes Alabama’s children. Supporting the ‘Live Healthy, Play Global’ initiative is an investment that will add to the enthusiasm of The World Games throughout our schools, while teaching children long-lasting habits that will lead to a healthier Alabama.”

Rebekah Elgin-Council, Chief Marketing Officer, Blue Cross and Blue Shield of Alabama and World Games Board Member

Download the free “Live Healthy, Play Global” toolkit

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Smiles all around healthy, accessible education! Photo via Blue Cross and Blue Shield of Alabama, Brian DeMarco

Don’t forget, this incredible resource is completely free and may be used by teachers, public and private schools, homeschoolers, after school programs and community organizations.

Ready to get your students excited about The World Games 2022, while learning + keeping active along the way?

Download the “Live Healthy, Play Global” toolkit now.

“Live Healthy, Play Global”

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Nick Sellers, CEO of The World Games 2022, speaking at a recent press conference announcing the “Live Healthy, Play Global” initiative. Photo via Blue Cross and Blue Shield of Alabama, Brian DeMarco

Blue Cross and Blue Shield of Alabama is proud to partner with The World Games 2022 in presenting this resource that will serve educators and students alike.

It’s one of the many ways these organizations are priming Birmingham to take center stage at The World Games 2022. We’re educating ourselves on the different cultures and customs we will welcome to The Magic City next July.

“This digital educational toolkit allows us to give something special to the world. It shares the knowledge, joy, history and fun around The World Games 2022 and is filled with resources that can be used across our state and beyond.”

— Kathy Boswell, Vice President, Community Engagement, The World Games 2022

We can’t wait to show off our innovative, inclusive and healthy city!

Learn more about Blue Cross and Blue Shield of Alabama + the “Play Healthy, Live Global” toolkit.

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