Birmingham-based Royal Cup coffee celebrating 125 years of excellence

Fillin' up on the good stuff
Fillin’ up on the good stuff. Photo via Royal Cup

If you’re like me, you’ve probably snagged a Royal Cup coffee at your everyday convenience store or from the office kitchen. Did you know that this nationwide coffee manufacturer and distributor started in The Magic City? This year, they’re celebrating 125 years of coffee + tea excellence. Grab yourself a warm cup of joe and keep reading for the scoop.

Royal Cup’s humble beginnings

Royal Cup's started right here in Bham
Royal Cup started right here in Bham. Photo via Royal Cup

Royal Cup was founded in 1896 as the Batterton Coffee Company. 54 years later, the Smith Family bought the organization. They said the coffee was fit for royalty, so they renamed it Royal Cup.

The company started supplying coffee and tea in Alabama and the southeast. With time, its distribution moved nationwide.

Its founding principles are quality, consistency and customer service. These three principles have stood true for decades.

“Quality was just as important then, as it is now. It is part of everything we do and if we ever lose sight of that, we will lose sight of our competitive advantage. We focused on determining the best way for all consumers to enjoy a consistent quality cup of coffee from their favorite restaurant no matter where they were across the country.”

Bill Smith, Jr, owner and Chairman of the Board, Royal Cup

This family favorite turned nationwide staple has mastered the coffee and tea industry.

Grab a cup anywhere + everywhere

A refreshing glass of Royal Cup's iced tea
A refreshing glass of Royal Cup’s iced tea. Photo via Royal Cup

You can get your hands on a Royal Cup of coffee or tea anywhere: restaurants, hotels, resorts, offices and convenience stores. With Royal Cup’s reach, you know your cup of coffee will be consistently delicious.

To celebrate over a century of service, Royal Cup is releasing a limited edition 12oz Rainforest Alliance™ certified blend sold exclusively on Amazon.

We love celebrating milestones with Birmingham-based businesses and companies.

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