UAB Athletics honors amazing local healthcare heroes at first Protective Stadium game

Protective Stadium at night
Can we get a round of applause for Protective Stadium? Photo via Nathan Watson for Bham Now

This Saturday during UAB’s debut game at Protective Stadium, UAB Athletics will honor The Magic City’s healthcare workers. Healthcare workers have been stretched and challenged in so many ways these last 19 months. Keep reading to see how UAB Athletics is sharing its gratitude for these heroes.

Honoring Birmingham’s healthcare heroes

Two of Birmingham's healthcare heroes
Ronnie Edmond and Jessica Pescatore—two of Bham’s healthcare heroes. Photo via UAB News

This weekend UAB Athletics is celebrating all of Birmingham’s brave and persevering healthcare workers.

“We certainly recognize the burden these past 19 months have had on everyone at UAB Medicine and in UAB Hospital, and we want everyone who works there to know how much we appreciate their spirit, their willingness to help others and their sacrifice.”

Mark Ingram, Director of Athletics, UAB

Now, this will tug at your heartstrings. UAB’s football coach and head quarterback hand-delivered tickets to 12 healthcare workers identified as UAB Medicine’s 2021 Excellence Award Winners.

Each of these employees plays an integral part in helping the Birmingham community stay healthy during the COVID pandemic.

The 12 UAB Medicine employees:

  • Andrea Boohaker, nurse practitioner, Orthopedic Surgery
  • Andrew Baldwin, CMA, Nephrology
  • Ashley Reed, radiation technologist
  • Dorothea Staursky, manager, COVID Testing Operations
  • Jessica Pescatore, pharmacy
  • Kenyah Davis, clerical
  • Lester Williams, Perioperative services technician
  • Mijah Williams, clerical
  • Pat Davis, PT advocate
  • Allison Strider, nurse practitioner, Outpatient Infusion Therapy Services
  • Ronnie Edmond, Environmental Services
  • Tonya Hinson, Environmental Services

“We know the best part of what makes UAB a world-class academic medical center is the people who work here. We are honored to be associated with them, and we are excited to recognize them and all of our health care heroes Saturday at Protective Stadium.”

Mark Ingram, Director of Athletics, UAB

Want to watch the game at Protective Stadium? Here’s how:

Protective Stadium will be filled with fans on Saturday.
You don’t want to miss the game on Saturday. Photo via Nathan Watson for Bham Now

Are you a healthcare worker, football fan or both? Get your tickets now for UAB football’s first, historic game against Liberty at Protective Stadium.

To our Birmingham healthcare workers—thank you. Each of you is heroic. You aren’t just a healthcare hero, but a hero to Birmingham.

Are you a healthcare worker? Will you be at the game? Let us know on Instagram.

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