Over 30 Birmingham runners will compete in the 2021 Boston Marathon

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Over 30 Birmingham-area runners will compete in the 2021 Boston Marathon. Photo via Birmingham Track Club’s Facebook

Track and field fanatics, this one is for you. More than 30 runners will represent Birmingham in the 2021 Boston Marathon this October. Keep reading for more details and the list of runners.

Birmingham will be in Boston 🏆

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This year marks the 125th Boston Marathon. Photo via Boston Marathon’s Facebook

The Boston Marathon is the world’s oldest annual marathon and ranks as one of the world’s most prestigious road racing events. This year, more than 30 runners from Birmingham are lacing up their running shoes and heading to the marathon.

The Birmingham metro has over 30 representatives in the October 11th race, nine of which participated in the 2019 Boston Marathon—the 2020 race was cancelled due to the pandemic.

This year, runners are not required to wear a mask while racing, but will need to wear them on buses to and from the race. Masks are required in all medical tents along the 26.2-mile route. Masks will also be provided.

Meet the participating runners 👟

boston marathon
Good luck to all the 2021 Boston Marathon runners. Photo via Boston Marathon’s Facebook

Returning runners

The returning runners who participated in the 2019 Boston Marathon include:

  • John Casterline
    • 2019 time: 3:51:33
  • John Neiman
    • 2019 time: 2:47:45
  • Gary York
    • 2019 time: 3:56:58
  • Theresa Burst
    • 2019 time: 4:24:56
  • Marianthe Grammas
    • 2019 time: 3:36:35
  • Brittany Hayden
    • 2019 time: 3:34:47
  • Alison Hoover
    • 2019 time: 4:22:22
  • Irma Palmer
    • 2019 time: 3:56:27
  • Tammy Ruff
    • 2019 time: 3:53:11

2021 Birmingham area runners

The new runners competing in the 2021 Boston Marathon inlcude:

  • Owen Bradley
  • John Brown
  • David Brush
  • Daniel Burton
  • Jason Crosson
  • Michael Gann
  • William Olgetree
  • Charlie Parks
  • Billy Rose
  • John Schor
  • Kevin Simpson
  • Andrew Strasburg
  • Jeff Turner
  • Scott Weisberg
  • Christina Chambers
  • Jennifer Crain
  • Elsbeth Davenport
  • Sheila Freeman
  • Misty Griffin
  • Nikki Harvey
  • Fontaine Haskell
  • Beth Lauderdale
  • Morgan Mccomb
  • Rachael Nichols
  • Carrie Wallace
  • Lori Vonpingel
  • Robin White
  • Steven Estrada

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