Friends of Birmingham Botanical Gardens Fall Plant Sale is back—Sept. 11


plants at Birmingham Botanical Gardens
You know you need more plants. Photo courtesy of the Friends of Birmingham Botanical Gardens

Fall is almost here, and for Birmingham-area plant lovers and gardeners, that means it’s time for the Friends of Birmingham Botanical Gardens (FBBG) Fall Plant Sale. Mark your calendar now for Saturday, September 11 from 8AM-2PM for the chance to peruse plants, get expert tips from Master Gardeners and more. Keep reading for all the details, including pro tips to get your fall garden ready.

Friends of Birmingham Botanical Gardens Fall Plant Sale 2021

baby plants, Fall Plant Sale
Volunteers getting plants ready for sale. Photo courtesy of the Friends of Birmingham Botanical Gardens

At this free, open-to-the-public plant sale, you’ll be able to purchase and learn about 100s of plants. Many have been nurtured on-site by the Friends of Birmingham Botanical Gardens’ dedicated volunteer growing groups, including: 

  • Natives
  • Perennials
  • Herbs
  • Tropicals + Houseplants
  • Camellias
  • Trees + Shrubs

Know before you go to the Fall Plant Sale

  • When: Saturday, September 11, 8AM-2PM
  • Where:  outside at BBG’s Formal Garden + Hill Garden
  • Host: Friends of Birmingham Botanical Gardens
  • Why: to support the Friends’ mission to protect, nurture, and share the wonders of Birmingham Botanical Gardens
  • Bonus: get expert advice from seasoned gardeners, including many Jefferson County Master Gardeners

Bring a portable shopping cart to transport your new babies home. Think little red wagon, collapsible wagon or folding utility cart.

Friends with benefits

“Your purchases and membership benefit a great cause. Each year we educate thousands of schoolchildren about the science of plants and grow thousands of pounds of fresh vegetables to combat hunger in our community. We also help maintain the Gardens, spearhead much-needed improvement projects, and work to promote the Gardens as a destination of local and regional significance.

Perhaps most importantly, you are helping the Gardens grow and thrive, ensuring that future generations will have the same opportunities we have to enjoy this community treasure.”

Tom Underwood, Executive Director, Friends of Birmingham Botanical Gardens

Friends of Birmingham Botanical Gardens members get to enjoy a sneak preview of the Fall Plant Sale:

  • What: Member in-Person Priority Shopping
  • When: Friday, September 10, 4-5:30PM
  • Bonus: members get an annual Member plant gift—this year it’s a ‘Blue Billow’ hydrangea, courtesy of Leaf & Petal.  

5 ways to make your yard look its best this fall: tips from a pro

To get you in the mood for fall gardening, we reached out to Molly Hendry, Garden Assessment Project Leader, Friends of Birmingham Botanical Gardens.

Of course, heading to the Fall Plant Sale will help you get ready, too!

1. Pause + observe

flower and bee
Sometimes it pays just to spend some time observing in your garden. Photo courtesy of the Friends of Birmingham Botanical Gardens

Go old-school with a notebook and a pen and get to know your garden in a whole new way. Slow down and really see: what’s reaching for the sun? What’s suffering after all this rain? What color combos really work? 

“Each observation is like a penny in the piggy bank of your relationship with the garden, and before you know it, they add up to priceless intuition.”

Molly Hendry

2. Plan for success

Now, comb through those notes and see what needs action now. Need a tree to shade your favorite sunny day sitting spot? Know the perfect place for your perennials? A plan will help you make the most of your fall gardening hours. 

3. Fall is the perfect time for planting

bulbs, fall plant sale
So many bulbs. Photo courtesy of Friends of the Birmingham Botanical Gardens

Why? First of all, at some point, it won’t be as hot as it has been throughout the summer. This helps roots get ready for the wild explosion that is spring. 

Thanksgiving is the time to get spring-flowering bulbs in the ground. And, you can dig up perennials that need dividing or editing. 

Enjoy those breezy fall days planting or transplanting so your plants can settle in for winter and be ready for spring. 

4. Prepare your garden to rest for winter

dirt and bulb, fall plant sale
Every garden loves some good compost. Photo courtesy of the Friends of Birmingham Botanical Gardens

Once the planting and transplanting are done and the days are getting shorter, you’ll want to get your garden ready for winter. 

The first killing frost means it’s time to cut back perennials. 

You’ll also want to incorporate falling leaves into your compost. Give your planting beds fresh mulch to retain moisture, suppress weeds and protect tender roots through the cooler months. 

5. Shop the Fall Plant Sale so you’re ready to plant while the weather’s nice

Whether you love plants, get your jollies from gardening or know your yard’s in need of some TLC, you need to check out the Fall Plant Sale Saturday, September 11, from 8AM-2PM. 

Learn more about Friends of Birmingham Botanical Gardens’ Fall Plant sale today + make plans to go. You’ll be glad you did.

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